The Good Place: 10 Things We Need To See In Season 4

From more of the accounting department, the Middle Place, and a little more romance, here's everything we want to see in The Good Place season 4.

The Good Place Season 4

“Holy mother forking shirtballs!”

The Good Place has grabbed the attention of just about everyone who has a Netflix account and it is easy to see why. The funny, witty show that has twists galore leaves us wanting more every single time. Whether it was the good place actually being the bad place in season one, or Michael the demon warming up to his human friends in season two, The Good Place knows how to leave us wanting more.

Much like the first two seasons, the third left us with questions as well. The last episode of season three saw the gang recreate the original experiment to prove humans can be forking amazing and Chidi had to reboot himself to deal with, well… everything. So, now that season four is around the corner there are things we definitely need to see happen and here they are:

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10 A Fix For The Point System

The Good Place Points Twist

The point system is definitely flawed and the bad place is ruining the afterlife for just about everyone. Now that we know what the problem is, we have to see it fixed. Especially considering all of the characters we have grown to love would be stuck in an endless loop of hell if it isn't.

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We all know life is complicated but is not exactly fair on every human ever to be tortured for eternity because of it. So, we would like to see the experiment go well but the point system needs to be made simpler as well. Now that the cat is out of the bag, it needs to be dealt with.

9 Chidi And Eleanor Back Together

Chidi and Eleanor have definitely got a lot of screen time during the show with some viewers even arguing that there needs to be less of a focus on them.  Even though this may be true, after seeing their love story progress for three seasons, we cannot just let it all go.

After Chidi was rebooted, one of the biggest cliffhangers of season three was his relationship with Eleanor being up in the air. With Chidi's ex walking into the experiment as well, the possibility of them getting along is, unfortunately, something we have to deal with. But fingers crossed that the best couple of all time (literally) will make their way back into each other's arms.

8 More Of Janet's Void

Ted Danson and D'Arcy Carden in The Good Place Season 3 Premiere NBC

Janet's void was pretty cool and probably the most calm we have been since The Good Place took over our lives. There were an endless amount of possibilities in the void and everything became more entertaining. Looking into Janet's memories was one of the coolest bits of the entire series and we definitely want more.

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The Good Place's writers obviously have an amazing imagination and to see what they think up for all of these locations would be incredible.

7 Show The Bad Place

The Good Place Series Premiere

Much like Fear Factor, the bad place is something that we know will scar us but we want to see it anyway and that is just how it is. We have heard way too much about it and now it is time to let us in. The creator of the series has promised us that it won't be anything too bad though. No children or physical anguish is going to feature because that is just too depressing. The creators are mostly going to stay with the theme of the show and keep it light-hearted. So, we can expect to see a couple of annoying YouTubers, but nothing too bad. Nonetheless, we are officially curious and want to know.

6 Janet's Love Life

Jameela Jamil D'Arcy Carden and Manny Jacinto The Good Place

Janet slowly grasping the concept of love when she was 'married' to Jason was great because it reminded all of us that we still don't understand it and well... misery loves company? Also, it was adorable.

Jason and Janet may not be the focus couple of the series but they do deserve another shot and we would love to see it happen. Their honeymoon could be in Janet's void so that would be a 'two birds, one stone' deal. They made a weird pair but it worked and this timeline could mean another chance.

5 Accounting Team

The Good Place Accounting Department

Visiting the accounting team and their workspace left us with a lot of questions. The room that essentially contains tubes that go to the good place and the bad place was super cool and we want to see more sometime soon.

Also, we sorta miss the smiling, innocuous accountant that showed the gang around. So, having more scenes with him would be a definite win. After Micheal ran away with the book of Dougs, the accountant hasn't really featured and it would be a good idea to follow up on that.

4 More Saboteurs

Tahani and Jason in The Good Place

The Good Place has always been able to throw plot twists at us so it is only fair to assume that season four will bring along some new ones. Now that Chidi has rebooted himself, the bad place is going to have to find new ways to sabotage the experiment.

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During an interview, Schur assured TVline that there is definitely going to be a new saboteur sent down for Eleanor even though Chidi was rebooted so that is going to be a major plot-twist in itself. Some fans are guessing that it could be one of Eleanor's friends from her life on Earth because let's face it - they did bring out the worst in her.

3 Mindy St. Clair And Derek

The Good Place Mindy

Mindy and Derek are probably still having weird wind chime sex and strange conversations, so there is a lot of room for a storyline there. With the potential for a middle place being the final destination for the original gang, it would be inevitable that Derek and Mindy would feature again which is something we cannot help but look forward to.

With Mindy constantly rebooting Derek, he could be a whole new person (well not exactly person) by the time he crops up next.

2 Tahani And Kamilah

Jameela Jamil in The Good Place

A potential sabotage could be that the bad place is sending Tahani's sister Kamilah in for the experiment. Everyone knows that Tahani and Kamilah making peace was essentially a miracle so if Kamilah were to make an appearance once again it would cause a lot of drama between the two sisters.

Actress Jameela Jamil who plays Tahani in The Good Place actually had a mixed-up chyron below her that said 'Kamilah Al-Jamil' during her walk down the red carpet at the Golden Globes which even she found hilarious. So, suffice it to say, everyone knows that would be an entertaining bit.

1 Friendships

The Good Place season 4

The glue that keeps the entire Good Place universe together is the friendships that have been built through the seasons we have seen till date. Whether it is Eleanor and Tahani or Janet and Michael, our favorite parts so far have involved the amazing relationships our favorite characters have shared. A relationship that could potentially progress in season four is the one between Chidi and Tahani and we would love to see that happen.

They may have only spoken a couple of times so far but seeing that progress would be pretty cool considering they are polar opposites of each other.

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