The Good Place Pokes Fun At Captain Marvel Backlash

The Good Place Captain Marvel

The Good Place hit the ground running in its season 4 premiere, going higher, further and faster by poking fun at the Captain Marvel backlash. Created by Michael Schur the comedy series originally followed Eleanor Shellstrop as she awoke in the afterlife. Realizing that she'd been mistakenly placed in the titular Good Place rather than The Bad Place, season 1 saw her attempt to keep her secret, while simultaneously trying to become a person worthy of her new utopian home.

Three seasons of huge twists, ethical explorations, and frequent premise upheavals later, and the show has fully settled into an ensemble piece. The rest of the self-declared "Soul Squad" is comprised of Tahani, Jason, Michael, Chidi, and the all-powerful Janet, and The Good Place is now in its fourth and final season. Picking up right where season 3 left off, the group must prove that the Good Place/Bad Place points system is fundamentally flawed, in order to spare trillions of souls from eternal damnation.

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As per the rules of the experiment, the group has to oversee an afterlife neighborhood of their own and guide four newly deceased residents towards self-improvement. Unfortunately, they were carefully chosen by The Bad Place to truly test the protagonists. Enter Brent Norwalk, materials business owner that specializes in everything (except steel, that's a sucker's game). Brent turned out to be the kind of guy who saw death as a relief because, back on Earth, a journalist was starting to question his female employees. Without even waiting to learn which afterlife he'd ended up in, he went into an unprovoked tirade about how he couldn't possibly be racist due to his dentist being a black woman. Upon meeting Janet, he immediately assumed she was a secretary. "Not a secretary," the extradimensional being replied, offering another variation on her catchphrase. Brent, however, took this to be another PC thing. "Fine. Executive Assistant," he replied. "Here we go with all the 'terms' we got to learn, right? Vice President of Helping! Captain Marvel!"

Ben Koldyke as Brent Norwalk in The Good Place

Brent is the perfect representation of those who don't so much critique the movie but rage against the perceived "SJW" nature of a female superhero and even about a social media image of Brie Larson holding Mjolnir. Ignoring the fact that Captain Marvel is a character with decades of history rather than simply a term to learn, the kicker is that even Michael, a demon who spent eons torturing people and is nowhere close to understanding humanity, knows not to wade into such pools and rebuffed having any association with him.

Eleanor herself, even after improving, is hardly the embodiment of pure goodness - often letting her own self-proclaimed "Arizona Dirtbag" ways shine through. Yet even she could only meet Brent's ways with eye-rolls. The reference is rather timely, given the recent news that Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter objected to making female-led movies like Captain Marvel. Given the show's love of pop culture references, it'll no doubt be the first of many such quips fans should expect from each remaining episode of The Good Place.

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