The Good Place Season Finale Dropped A Hilarious Cheers Reference

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He may now be the caretaker and architect of the Good Place, but Ted Danson stepped back behind the counter to relive his days as a bar owner in Cheers during the season 2 finale of NBC's The Good Place. Running from 1982 to 1993, the long-running sitcom is dubbed as an American TV classic with reruns and marathons airing on special channels up to this day. It follows the bustling activities of the pub of the same name set in Boston which is a local hangout place. Interestingly, much like its contemporary, the show didn't do very well during its debut year and was even almost canceled. Fortunately, it recovered and even became a top-ten rated program during eight of its eleven seasons.

The '80s NBC project was also the breeding ground for some of the most enduring actors in Hollwyood. Woody Harrelson, for example, who later joined the show as the not-so bright bartender, Woody Boyd first got his break from Cheers. The same thing happened to Danson, who was the show's main protagonist, Sam Malone, owner of the pub.

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The official Twitter account of The Good Place confirmed the hilarious reference after viewers first took notice during its season 2 finale episode titled "Somewhere Else" which aired last night. Followers of both shows quickly came up with their theories with some suggesting that maybe Michael was actually Sam during his own time on Earth. It seems unlikely, but nevertheless, it's a great topic of conversation among fans. Check out the post below:

This seems familiar, doesn't it? #TheGoodPlace

— The Good Place to eat a burrito ? (@nbcthegoodplace) February 2, 2018

With Danson's extensive TV résumé, it might not be too farfetched to think that The Good Place could also reference his other roles over the years like perhaps his stint in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. But arguably, nothing will top his iconic role in the long-running, bar-set sitcom. If the show will start incorporating fun Easer Eggs like this, perhaps we could see Kristen Bell's Eleanor Shellstrop reference the actress' Disney princess role as Ana in Frozen.

However, that cheeky callback isn't all that is to see in the season finale. In fact, it's just a small part of a rather surprising end to its 13-episode sophomore run. After finally getting its footing by the end of its first year, the show has been mainly flawless in its season 2 course with a perfect mix of humor and wit but without losing its core narrative. By the end of the year, however, another shake-up has been rolled out with its four main charcters now back to life. The judge (guest star Maya Rudolph) and Michael decided that the best way to figure if the foursome have really changed is to send them back to Earth and see if there will be any difference in how they conduct themselves. The incident gives The Good Place an almost clean slate to start over, making fans more excited for its third outing. 

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The Good Place is set to return for season 3 at a later date.

Source: The Good Place Official Twitter Account

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