• It's possible that Good Omens gets a second season. 1 / 8

    Good Omens poster vertical
  • Even though it covers everything in the book on which it's based... 2 / 8

    David Tennant As Crowley In Good Omens
  • The finale hints at more to come. 3 / 8

    Michael Sheen As Aziraphale In Good Omens
  • In fact, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett even started working on a sequel years ago. 4 / 8

    Michael Sheen And David Tennant In Good Omens
  • Its working title was 668: The Neighbour of the Beast. 5 / 8

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  • So, anything is possible - especially if the series is a success. 6 / 8

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  • However, a second season has not been confirmed. 7 / 8

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