Good Omens: Every Prophecy In The Witch’s Book

Agnes Nutter in Good Omens

In Good Omens, the book of prophecies from the witch named Agnes Nutter plays a vital role in helping prevent the Apocalypse. Though some of her prophecies aren't entirely straightforward, making the process more difficult than it already is, they not only aid humanity in saving the world, but the angel and demon who've joined the cause.

While the core events of Good Omens pivot around the Apocalypse, one key character is the witch Agnes Nutter. In fact, she plays such an integral role in the story that the full title for Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's novel is Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. In the story, her book of prophecies help the humans, as well as the demon Crowley (David Tennant) and angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen), prevent Heaven and Hell from carrying out the war to end all wars. However, considering how much ground is covered in Good Omens, making sense of all of Agnes' prophecies isn't an easy task.

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To get a better grasp on the events leading up to the end of the world in Good Omens - from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to an unlikely pair of heroes in Anathema Device (Adria Arjona) and Newton Pulsifer (Jack Whitehall) - taking a closer look at Agnes' prophecies should do the trick. Here is a list of all of Agnes Nutter's prophecies mentioned in Good Omens.

Good Omens' Prophecies About Armageddon

Crowley and Aziraphale in Good Omens

  • Prophecy 2213 - "Four shalle ryde and three sharl ryde the Skye as two, and Wonne shal ryde in flames; and theyr shall be nostopping themme: not fish, nor rayne, neither Deville or Angel. And ye shalle be theyr also, Anathema."
  • Prophecy 2315 - "Sum say It cometh in London Town, or New Yorke, butte they be Wronge, for the place is Taddes Fild, Stronge inne hys powr, he cometh like a knight inne the fief, he divideth winde into 4 partes, he bringeth the storme."
  • Prophecy 3001 - "Behinde the Eagle's Neste a grate Ash hath fallen." (Believed to be referring to the Russian Revolution; actually about the Apocalypse.)
  • Prophecy 3008 - "When that the angel readeth these words of mine, in his shoppe of other menne's books, then the final days are certes upon us. Open thine eyes to understand. Open thine eyes and rede, I do say, foolish principalitee, for thy cocoa doth grow cold." (Aziraphale reading from Agnes Nutter's book, confirming the end of the world and discovering that his chocolate is getting cold.)
  • Prophecy 3017 - "I see Four Riding, bringing the Ende, and the Angells of Hell ride with them, and Three shall Rise. And Four and Four Together be Four, an the Dark Angel sharl Own Defeat, Yette the Manne sharl claim his Own."
  • Prophecy 3477 - "Lette the wheel of Fate turne, let harts en- join, there are othere fyres than mine; when the wind blowethe the blos- soms, reach oute one to another, for the calm cometh when Redde and Whyte and Blacke and Pale approache to Peas is Our Professioune."
  • Prophecy 3819 - "When Orient's chariot inverted be, four wheles in the skye, a man with bruises be upon Youre Bedde, achinge his hedd for willow fine, a manne who testeth with a pyn yette his hart be." (Rephrased later as: "When Robin's blue chariot inverted be, three wheels in the sky, a man with bruises be upon your bed, aching his head for willow fine.")
  • Prophecy 3988 - "When menne of crocus come fromme the Earth and green manne frome thee Sky, yette ken not why, and Pluto's barres quitte the light- ning castels, and sunken lands riseth, and Levia- than runneth free, and Brazil is vert, then Three cometh together and Four arise, upon iron horses ride; I tell you the ende draweth nigh."
  • Prophecy 4009 - "Where the Hogg's back ends the young beast will take the world and Adam's line will end in fire and darkness."
  • Prophecy 4020 - "Let the wheel of fate turn, let harts enjoin, there are other fyres than mine; when the whirl wynd whirls, reach oute one to another."
  • Prophecy 5001 - "When the skies are crimson seen, then ye both must stand between the world of life and the world of war, where the iron bird lands no more."
  • Prophecy 5004 - "When alle is fayed and all is done, ye must choofe your faces wisely, for soon enouff ye will be playing with fyre." (Aziraphale swapping bodies with Crowley.)

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Good Omens' Additional Prophecies

Good Omens Anathema Device and Newt Pulsifer

  • Unspecified Entry - "Do not buy Peter Max."
  • Prophecy 691 - "The wind should drop in a few seconds, then redouble." (Paraphrased.)
  • Prophecy 2214 - "In December 1980 an Apple will arise no man can eat. Invest thy money in Master Jobbes's machine and good fortune will tend thy days."
  • Prophecy 3989 - "He is not what he says he is." (Referring to Newton Pulsifer.)

Agnes Nutter's life might have been cut short, with one of Newton Pulsifer's ancestors taking on the duty of personally burning her at the stake, but the one silver lining is that her death wasn't in vain. Without her prophecies, the Apocalypse would have likely happened according to plan. Even though other key players in Good Omens like Crowley, Aziraphale, and Adam might have carried the physical weight, preventing the end of the world was a team effort, and even the seemingly simple tasks performed by Anathema and Newton were integral in everything going as planned.

What's more is that, considering how large Agnes' book is, there are plenty more prophecies to discover. So, were Neil Gaiman to ever consider prepping a Good Omens season 2 - despite strictly treating the book adaptation as a one-off series - there's material with which he can work. However, since nothing's been confirmed regarding a second season, fans will just have to wait and see; though, if they can't stand waiting, they can always skim through some real-life books of prophecies themselves to see if Good Omens' future hasn't already been foretold.

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Good Omens is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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