• The narrator in Good Omens is more than just some throwaway voice. 1 / 8

    Good Omens poster vertical
  • It's the Voice of God. 2 / 8

    Aziraphale in Good Omens vertical
  • But who voices the Voice of God? 3 / 8

    Crowley in Good Omens vertical
  • None other than two-time Academy Award-winner Frances McDormand. 4 / 8

    Frances McDormand vertical
  • Though her role was revealed as God last summer, audiences may not recognize her at first... 5 / 8

    Frances McDormand in Fargo vertical
  • Especially since the narrator starts off delivering quite a lot of information. 6 / 8

    Jon Hamm in Good Omens vertical
  • McDormand's already one of the best on-screen Gods, right up there with Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty (even though we never see her). 7 / 8

    Frances McDormand in Almost Famous vertical
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