Good Green Lantern News: Anton Yelchin Denies Rumors

A few days ago we talked about the possibility that Anton Yelchin was in the running to play Green Lantern. This came from the generally very reliable Latino Review, although it was definitely classified as rumor.

Well today reports that they got the latest right from Yelchin himself, and it's good news for Green Lantern fans.

According to the good folks over there Yelchin had this to say in regards to rumors that he had auditioned for the role of Green Lantern:

"I had no idea about that...I have no clue." He continued, "I have no idea. I think I'm probably too young. I mean, no one has approached me. No one has said anything to me. I imagine I'm just too young. I mean, it's a great character but i don't know anything about it...I haven't heard anything about it."

So there you have it, Green Lantern fans. It seems that Latino Review was mistaken and Anton Yelchin is NOT in the running to play Hal Jordan.

We stated this was rumor but at least now it's been completely laid to rest. :-)


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