Good Girls: 5 Times Beth Was The Worst (& 5 Times Annie Was)

We love the ladies of NBC's Good GirlsBeth (Christina Hendricks), her sister Annie (Mae Whitman), and their best friend Ruby (Retta) have gotten into the world of crime, but we still have fond feelings for them. Fans understand why they do the things they do, for the most part.

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There have been plenty of occasions over the show's two seasons where some of the characters irritate us to no end, though. And it honestly feels like Beth and Annie are the most consistent offenders. We've scoured the episodes to pick out the top occurrences of each lady's moments where they were seriously the worst.

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10 Beth: One Last Time With Rio

In the appropriately titled episode "One Last Time," Beth once again decided that she was done with her life of crime. And surprisingly, Rio (Manny Montana) was ready to let her walk away without a fight. Before that could happen, Beth decided to sleep with Manny again.

Beth's hookup with Manny the first time was understandable. With a cheating husband and some stress to relieve, it made total sense. This time around was tougher to accept. She was working on her relationship with Dean (Matthew Lillard) and this was the kind of thing to keep her tied to crime.

9 Annie: Losing The Receipt

One of the first things the girls did for Rio was to turn his counterfeit money into real money by purchasing items at stores with the fake cash and returning them all for the real stuff. In "I Can't Believe It's Not Cash," Annie met a guy who scribbled his phone number on one of her receipts.

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Annie called him for a hookup, which isn't a problem. The issue was that it was a careless move that led to him taking the wrong receipt and prevented her from returning the item. It all came to a head at his home, where Annie found out that he was married. The girls searched the dumpster for the piece of paper, where Annie then got into a heated argument with Beth.

8 Beth: Giving Into Blackmail

Beth is a tough character to gauge fully. There are tons of indicators that she wants to dive deep into the criminal world and show off how tough she is. And then there are the times when she holds back and won't go as far as a real criminal would.

When Mary figured out the shopping scam and knew the ladies were up to something, she blackmailed them. Annie and Ruby wanted no part of it, even if it meant something terrible happened to Mary. But Beth didn't let it happen and gave in, ultimately getting extorted by a woman who goes on to cause them many problems.

7 Annie: Working For Rio Without Beth

No matter how often the girls said they were in everything together, Beth was always the driving force. Her relationship with Rio was how that partnership remained so strong. When Beth chose to end that partnership, Rio let it be, and everyone could have gone back to their normal lives.

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However, Annie and Ruby still found they were having money issues. Annie spearheaded a plan to go back into business with Rio behind Beth's back. They failed their first job miserably, showing that this was a bad idea from the start. It's a role suited for Beth, not Annie, and it was a case of her biting off more than she could chew.

6 Beth: Staying In Crime After Rio's "Death"

For most of the series, Beth goes back and forth on her new life. Sometimes she loves the rush that comes with it, and other times she desperately wants out for the safety of her family. In the season two finale, "King," Beth shot Rio and we believed he was dead, setting her free.

We came to find out that Beth found her own way to stay in the criminal world. While she is free from Rio's rule, it's the wrong move. Her family is still in danger and it goes to show that Beth can be very selfish at times. With the reveal that Rio might still be alive and working with the FBI to go after Beth, this is an even bigger case of her being the worst.

5 Annie: Yelling At Ruby On The Bus

When Annie and Ruby attempted to do their first job for Rio, it didn't go well. Annie actually had a solid plan, but Ruby got cold feet and left the payday behind. Annie flipped out about this because her plan was ruined. It led to a rare fight between the two friends.

Annie's anger was understandable, but the way she lashed out at Ruby was a bit much. It got worse when Ruby gave it right back and hit her with some truth. All Annie could do to respond was try to hurt Ruby with her words. She brought up Stan going to jail and clearly cut too deep.

4 Beth: Shunning Ruby

A significant season two plot point focused on Ruby and her family. Her police officer husband, Stan, came under fire by FBI agent Jimmy Turner for his knowledge of his wife's activities. He got arrested in front of the kids and it caused a rift within the family. Ruby went to Turner with information.

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When Ruby explained this to her friend, Beth shunned her. On the one hand, you get that someone close would be upset and see it as a betrayal. On the other hand, she should understand where Ruby was coming from. Her family was on the line and Beth has always tried to act like her family comes first, so it was hypocritical of her and harsh on someone in a tight spot.

3 Annie: Quickly Trusting Noah

During season two, Annie began a relationship with Noah. He took over as the manager at her job after Boomer disappeared. Almost immediately, there was a connection, and before we knew it, Annie and Noah were hooking up in the storage room. The fling was pretty harmless.

What wasn't harmless is how it grew into something more. Annie trusted Noah after a short time and revealed everything about her crimes with Beth and Ruby. Noah happened to be an undercover agent, working Annie to get information on them. She played right into his hands. Luckily, he truly fell for her and helped her out, but this could've gone poorly.

2 Beth: Falling For Dean's Fake Cancer

Though she gets in way over her head at times, Beth is mostly a smart character. Her one blind spot has to be her husband, Dean. After all, he did cheat on her for months without her even having a clue. But once she caught him, Beth was rightfully tough on him. It seemed like she had finally smartened up in that sense.

To get out of the doghouse, Dean concocted a plan where he faked having cancer. Beth fell for it pretty easily and it took several episodes before she found out. Knowing that her husband was a liar, she still believed this without asking any real questions and came off as incredibly naive.

1 Annie: Cheating With Gregg

Annie and Gregg (Zach Gilford) seemed to only do one good thing during their time as a couple. They conceived their transgender son, Sadie. Though they hadn't been together in years, the two began sleeping together again. The big problem was that Gregg was married to Nancy.

An even bigger issue is that Nancy was pregnant at the time. Despite knowing all of this, Annie kept up the affair until she got caught. Nancy let her have it once she found out, and when Annie let Sadie know, Sadie stopped talking to her. The affair is now over, but it was some poor judgment on Annie's part.

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