Ranked: All The Men In Good Girls

The show may be called Good Girls, but there are some interesting men sprinkled into the lives of the leading women. There are husbands, fathers, criminals, and detectives. Some of these guys are far from great, but they're still the kind of characters we can't keep our eyes off of.

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But which of men is the best to watch? We're here to take the main guys on the show and rank them based on a variety of factors: how crucial they are to the show, their connection to the central trio of ladies, and how entertaining they are.

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7 Leslie "Boomer" Peterson

There was no way that Boomer placed anywhere other than last on this list. As soon as we meet Boomer, he's bad news. He had a right to be upset when he realized that Annie robbed the Fine & Frugal supermarket that he managed.  However, he went about it in the worst possible way, and would've gone further if not for Beth.

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Since then, Boomer has been a thorn in the side of Beth, Annie, and Ruby. The relationship he pursues with Mary Pat, the woman who blackmailed the girls, causes more problems. He took money from them to leave town and then stuck around. The only good thing about Boomer is his grandmother, who formed a bond with Annie and made her grandson finally speak to the police, clearing the girls for now.

6 Jim Turner

Jim Turner has one thing in common with Leslie Peterson. They're both antagonists who cause problems for the main characters. But, we have no reason to dislike Turner. From everything we know about him, he's a pretty good guy. Turner is devoted to his boyfriend, good at his job as an FBI agent, and doesn't seem to have a corrupt bone in his body.

It's Turner's penchant for good that puts him in direct opposition with the girls. His primary focus is Beth. The scenes they share are always filled with tension and the same goes for when he went after Ruby's family. He's the kind of character you'd love on most shows, but with the women of Good Girls being so bad, we can't help but root against him as he closes in.

5 Noah

Take all the truth about Jim Turner being good and apply it to Noah. He's Turner's partner, who is sent undercover at the Fine & Frugal to act as the new manager. He strikes up a relationship with Annie to gather information to try to bring the ladies down. Annie quickly falls for him and reveals most of the group's criminal activity to him.

Luckily, Noah truly fell in love with Annie and built a relationship with her son, Sadie. When Annie found out that he was a detective and confronted him, he chose to help her out as best as he could rather than turn her in. Between his sincere feelings for Annie, his bond with Sadie, and his willingness to help a character we love, we can't help but root for Noah and like the guy.

4 Dean Boland

We're back to the guys who have done some scummy things on the show. As soon as the series began, we're given a reason to dislike Dean Boland. He's cheating on Beth with the skinny blonde that he works with. Beth finds out and pretty much shuts him out of her life. Dean adds another dirty deed to his resume by faking cancer to get sympathy from the rest of his family.

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Despite everything he's done wrong, there's still reason to like Dean. At the start of Season Two, he gets shot and it marks something of a turning point for him. He becomes more concerned with the wellbeing of the family. Sure, he takes the kids from Beth, but she kind of deserved it for putting everyone in danger. Dean's a vital part of the show and someone working towards redemption.

3 Gregg

We have every reason to want to like Gregg. He's played by the always-likeable Zach Gilford and has a natural chemistry with Mae Whiteman's Annie. Gregg is also a great father to Sadie. Though he and Annie had rough patches in the past, they're the kind of couple we'd love to see get back together and make it work.

Gregg and Annie do start hooking up, but we can't like it because he's married and the fling is an affair. Throw in the fact that his wife was pregnant while it was going on, and it's one of the more despicable acts on the show. Still, this is a series of flawed characters. That bond with Annie and Sadie is enough to keep him on our good side.

2 Rio

We love Beth, Annie, and Ruby because they're good people doing bad things. Rio is just plain bad, yet fans also seem to love him. Every single scene he's in is a must-see. Rio carries himself with the kind of coolness that you can't help but appreciate. Nothing seems to rattle him. Whatever Beth panics about and puts on his table, it doesn't faze him.

As bad as Rio may be, we do get to see his good side. He is a doting father who takes his son to places like Legoland. It's an endearing quality. Rio also has fierce chemistry with Beth and their relationship is engaging to watch. He's a significant piece of the show who sets a lot of what happens in motion. Without him, the show would be a lot less exciting.

1 Stan Hill

Ruby clearly has the best taste in men. Her husband, Stan Hill, is the most loyal man around. He's a cop, so Ruby's criminal activities had to be kept quiet from him. Since he's not bad at his job, he eventually figured out what was going on. Though he's rightfully upset, once Ruby explains the reasoning behind what she did, he understands and their relationship is stronger.

Stan does everything he can to protect his family and it leads to him getting investigated by the FBI. Even when facing potential jail time, he still doesn't even think about giving up his wife or her friends. That's the kind of man you want in your life. From moments like that to just watching him discuss cheesy reality TV in bed with Ruby, Stan is number one in our hearts.

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