The Good Dinosaur Preview: Pixar Celebrates 20 Years of Friendship

Disney/Pixar movies are, of course, synonymous with family friendly fun. They’re also renowned for giving us some of the best examples of friendship ever seen on screen; Woody and Buzz from the Toy Story movies, Karl Fredrickson and Russell (plus Doug and Kevin) from Up, and Dory and Marlin in Finding Nemo, among many others.

Pixar’s latest offering, The Good Dinosaur, also has friendship as one of its central themes - this time telling the story of an Apatosaurus named Arlo, who befriends a young boy named Spot. More dog-like than human, Spot soon becomes inseparable from Arlo and the two embark on a great adventure to return Arlo to his family.

Even though we all know and love the classic Pixar movies that feature the pairings listed above, it’s still rather heart-warming to see glimpses of them all at the start of this latest Good Dinosaur preview. The theme of friendship runs throughout and it’s great to look back on all the brilliant offerings Pixar have come up with over the years - including, this past summer's release Inside Out, which brought up the pairing of Joy and Sadness.

The Good Dinosaur, as it were, was scripted by Inside Out co-writer Megan LeFauve, based on a screen story by Bob Peterson (Up), and directed by Peter Sohn (Partly Cloudy). As such, there's fair reason to believe the bond that forms between Arlo and Spot (voiced by Raymond Ochoa and Jack Bright, in turn) will be as touching as those friendships depicted in Pixar projects - both feature films and short films alike - from the past.

The Good Dinosaur 20 Years preview - Arlo and Spot

If you’re in denial about your age (as some Screen Rant writers are), you will refuse to believe that it’s actually been nearly 20 years since the release of Toy Story. Since then, we’ve had two more Toy Story installments, Monsters Inc. and Monsters University, two Cars movies, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Inside Out and more - and friendship has been at the heart of them all.

Given the previous trailers and this short preview, The Good Dinosaur looks as though it will follow the same pattern as previous Pixar releases - and because of that, it seems fair to assume we can expect a great film when it hits theaters next month. Certainly it looks like The Good Dinosaur will appeal to kids and adults alike and it might sound awfully cheesy, but given that it has a release date of the day before Thanksgiving, Pixar has given us quite a lot to be thankful for.

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The Good Dinosaur will bow in U.S. theaters on November 25th, 2015.

Source: Disney/Pixar

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