The Good Cop Canceled By Netflix After One Season

Josh Groban and Tony Danza The Good Cop Netflix

Netflix is no longer willing to give its original content the leeway it once did, as The Good Cop has been canceled after just one season. The cancelation is just the latest from the streaming giant, which has not been shy about giving several of its original shows the ax this year, as the Tony Danza cop dramedy follows the likes of Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and critical darling American Vandal as some of the higher profile shows that didn’t make it out of 2018. 

To be fair, The Good Cop was probably the lowest on that particular rung, as it wasn’t based on any sort of pre-existing IP nor was it the recipient of a Peabody Award. What it did have was former Who’s the Boss star Danza in the role of a corrupt cop living with his straitlaced son — also a cop — played by Josh Groban. And while the Odd Couple aspect of the show might have been appealing on paper, especially since it came from Monk creator Andy Breckman, the result was less than what critics were hoping for. Apparently, Netflix agreed. 

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As originally reported by Deadline, the news came to disappointed Danza-heads everywhere in the form of an official statement from Netflix. Quick and to the point, the statement merely says that The Good Cop will not be returning for season 2. You can read the statement below:

“‘The Good Cop’ will not return for a second season. We’re grateful to creator Andy Breckman and his fellow producers, writers, the incredible crew and especially stars Tony Danza and Josh Groban for bringing this classic odd couple father-son story to Netflix.”

Though probably not a huge surprise for anyone watching, the decision to cancel The Good Cop so soon after its September 21 premiere does demonstrate just how differently Netflix has begun to approach its original content. Gone are the days when a show like Lilyhammer will get three seasons, or Flaked quietly gets renewed for a second. Now, despite having recognizable actors in its lead roles, The Good Cop gets a pink slip in its locker less than two months after it makes its streaming debut. It looks as though the Netflix era of television is entering into a new phase, one where those numbers the company keeps hidden away from the public eye seem to be scrutinized more than ever. 

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The Good Cop season 1 is still available to stream on Netflix. 

Source: Deadline

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