Good Boys Green Band Trailer Still Has Plenty Of Raunchy Comedy

Good Boys Trailer

Universal Pictures releases a green band Good Boys trailer for the R-rated comedy starring Jacob Tremblay. Directed by Gene Stupnitsky, the film premiered on March 11 at South By Southwest, the same day that a red band Good Boys trailer released.

In Good Boys, Tremblay stars alongside Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams as Max, Thor, and Lucas, respectively. After being invited to a kissing party, the boys conduct recon missions with a drone, primarily to understand how proper kissing works. Like so many coming-of-age films, the group sets off on an enlightening journey, but one that's atypical of traditional movies featuring adolescent characters. In this case, there are drugs involved, along with frat houses and sexual innuendos. The script was written by Stupnitsky in collaboration with Lee Eisenberg. On NBC’s The Office, the pair worked together as writers and producers. Good Boys marks Stupnitsky’s feature directorial debut, and the supporting cast features Will Forte, Stephen Merchant, and Retta.

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Universal Pictures released a new trailer for Good Boys. Early on, a tampon joke sets the tone as Fun’s “We Are Young” kicks in - a song from the original red band clip. The new trailer uses many of the same sequences and one-liners, but expands upon a “nymphomaniac” line, as Tremblay's Max explains that such a person “has sex on land AND sea.” Also like the original trailer, and many other movies, the new clip includes Run the Jewels' “Nobody Speak” as the kids plan for the big party and contemplate all the obstacles they must overcome. In the trailer’s second half, the young characters’ naivety is accentuated, most notably in the final moments when Noon’s Thor discovers a fun swing (a sex swing) in the back of his parents’ closet. An even younger character reminds the kids that it’s actually for “sexing.” Watch the Good Boys trailer below. 

Good Boys is co-produced by Seth Rogen and frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg. In the past, the duo has collaborated for comedies like Superbad, Pineapple Express, This Is the End, and the controversial 2014 film The Interview. Rogen and Goldberg also co-developed the AMC supernal black comedy Preacher, a series that was recently renewed for a fourth season which will premiere in August.

Thus far, the two Good Boys trailers have emphasized the main characters' innocence and provocative language. While the edgy jokes will surely appeal to younger audiences, the film’s success may ultimately depend on the accessibility of the story itself. If Stupnitsky and Eisenberg retain a style a la The Office, then Good Boys will please moviegoers that appreciate offbeat pacing. The problem, however, is that such comedy may not connect with certain demographics. Perhaps that’s where Rogen and Goldberg come in with their brand of low-brow yet accessible humor. 

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