Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg Interview: Good Boys

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s latest film Good Boys is yet another collaboration from the comedy duo that’s bound to become a classic.  The movie, which is now in theaters, centers on 3 middle school boys who think they’re ready to have the time of their lives. Rogen and Goldberg sat down with Screen Rant to share the worst things said about their work and the biggest 80s films that influenced their most recent production.

First of all, I loved this movie. It’s the funniest movie of the year by far; it’s so funny. But in my theater experience, there was this older dude who was not part of the demo for this movie. He got up and shouted – he stayed for most of the movie – shouted, “Diabolical!” 

Seth Rogen: Diabolical! That’s kind of the highest compliment a movie can get.

Evan Goldberg: Yeah. It says that we, like, Machiavellian-ly composed this to destroy society?

Seth Rogen: There was a lot thought and engineering behind it. Diabolical! In that moment, our whole plan was coming together. These f***ing Jews.

My question is: what’s the wildest comment you’ve heard about the film? 

Both: I think, “Diabolical!”

Evan Goldberg: By far. About any film we’ve ever done.

Seth Rogen: I think that has to be one of them. Diabolical. That is a truly odd thing to say about a movie.

Evan Goldberg: One time we were at the season 2 premiere of Preacher, and my wife yelled out, “Why do you make this kind of stuff?” That might be my top one.

Seth Rogen: “Why do you do this?” She said,” Why do you do this?!” I heard her say it, I was sitting two rows in front of them and heard her go, “Why do you do this?”

If you guys can transport yourselves back in the day, being kids again, which one of the three would you most identify with? Of the three leads.

Evan Goldberg: I mean, I feel like at the start of high school, I was probably a real Lucas.

Seth Rogen: Yeah.

Evan Goldberg: And then by the end I think I was halfway to Thor-ing it up.

Keith L. Williams, Jacob Tremblay and Brady Noon in Good Boys

I was definitely a Thor, I think.

Seth Rogen: I was more of a Thor, too. I was kind of into creative stuff and a little ashamed of it. And also, just a loud-mouthed, crass person in general.

Yeah, I would never back up anything I said as a kid.

Seth Rogen: Never, yeah. But I would try to really impress people.

This has the feel of a lot of '80s raunchy comedies, and I love it. Because it transports me back; it’s almost like you wrote one of the scenes specifically with me and my friends. I’m not going to say, but that first porno we watched was Waterbabies and we got caught by his mom. Not fun.

Seth Rogen: Terrible. Waterbabies? That’s a terrible name for a porno.

It was. It absolutely was.

Seth Rogen: You don’t want the word babies in your porno.

Not at all. But what were some of the influences in this film for you guys?

Evan Goldberg: Pornographic ones?

No, not pornographic ones!

Seth Rogen: I think a lot of these one-day kind of epic saga movies, like Adventures in Babysitting was a movie that was very influential.

Evan Goldberg: Goonies.

Seth Rogen: Goonies.

Evan Goldberg: Also just South Park.

Seth Rogen: South Park is something we talked a lot about.

Sounds like Stand By Me is in there as well.

Seth Rogen: Yeah, a little bit of that. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off kind of, a little bit.

Evan Goldberg: I’m realizing we should have thrown in a dead body and done some Weekend at Bernie’s shit.

Seth Rogen: Yeah, exactly. We blew that.

Evan Goldberg: That was a big mistake.

Jacob Tremblay Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams in Good Boys

Well, hey, there could always be a sequel.

Seth Rogen: There’s always a sequel. We have the sex talk.

There you go. 

Seth Rogen: Yeah, I think those kinds of one-day epic adventure movies were things that we referenced. And, again, things like The Wonder Years, kind of, was stuff that we referenced when working on the script. Those kind of '80s and 90s nostalgic things.

Something else that you’re working on that I’m really looking forward to is Invincible. How’s that coming along?

Seth Rogen: Really well.

Evan Goldberg: Good. Just got a new round of notes on the script, and we’re typing away.

Seth Rogen: Yeah, we’re working on the second or third draft of the script, and it’s pretty cool.

You guys assembled an amazing cast, it’s so cool.

Seth Rogen: Actually, that’s the animated series. We’re producers on both the animated series, and we’re writing a live-action film of the [series]. So, we’re deep in the world of Invincible.

I can’t wait, guys. But Good Boys, man. Best comedy of the year. Thanks so much for your time.

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  • Good Boys (2019) release date: Aug 16, 2019
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