Jacob Tremblay, Keith Williams, & Brady Noon Interview: Good Boys

Good Boys takes audiences back to 6th grade as its protagonists learn about kissing, parties and so much more. Before its August 16 premiere, the three young stars of the film – Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon – chatted with Screen Rant about their roles. More importantly, though, they shared the wonders of sympathy puking and the tragic cutting of their “Bang Bang” dance sequence.

First question I have for you guys is who is most like their character? Or if you had to choose who would be each other's characters, who would you guys be based on your personalities? 

Brady Noon: I think we'd all fit our characters. I think we’d all say that. Keith has the most similarities with his character by himself, I feel like, because you're kind of like the dad of the group. You keep us in check.

Keith, rumor has it you have the weakest stomach? Is this true?

Brady Noon: I did not start this rumor.

Keith L. Williams: Yeah. I started the rumor, actually. He came to my room a lot.

Jacob Tremblay: Me and Keith have sympathy puking.

Keith L. Williams: We have sympathy puking.

Jacob Tremblay: It’s a telepathic thing.

I've never heard the term sympathy puking.

Jacob Tremblay: If one of us throws up, the other one will throw up.

Keith L. Williams: Yeah, so we're basically, like, connected.

I would not fit in your group, because if I smell then I would throw up too. It would not be fun, and you would just get out of the room at that point.

Brady Noon: I would just run, yeah. I ran out of the backstage studio, and when I came back they were puking on the side. And the camera was still rolling. I came in, and I was like, “We’ll be back on next time.”

And this was doing the freeway scene?

Keith L. Williams: This was during press.

Brady Noon: That was just doing press from two weeks ago.

Good Boys Red Band Trailer Image

But also, during the freeway scene, you guys had puking experience. 

Jacob Tremblay: Yeah, I had to fake throw up. Then Keith real threw up, then I real threw it up. Then Brady managed to hold it in. Did you? Or did you throw up?

Brady Noon: No, I was just laughing.

Keith L. Williams: He was laughing.

Now, you guys all did a ton of improv on this film without experience. What did you guys learn about improv? Especially since I heard improv is 40% of the film, right?

Keith L. Williams: That's what I said.

I’m basing this off your numbers, Keith.

Brady Noon: I mean, just know to an extent of when [it’s] too much. Like, if it's a touching scene, you don't really want to improv anything. But like if it's a funny, kind of short scene, you can mess around with it to see what feels right.

Now, obviously, you had a great scene with the Rock of Ages musical. 

Keith L. Williams: I thought he was gonna say the Rock. I'm like, “What scene?!”

No, the Rock of Ages scene. What are some of the standout scenes that you guys had? Because I heard that scene was a little extended and might have gotten cut out. Are there any things in the film that may have gotten cut out and you were like, “Oh, man, I wish they would have kept that in?

Jacob Tremblay: Oh, yeah. Yeah, the big dancing scene. There's this big dancing scene.

Keith L. Williams: In the mall. “Bang Bang.”

Describe this dancing scene in the mall, though. Because I've heard it from a couple of you guys individually, but what was the scene?

Brady Noon: Alright, so it was literally a three-day shoot. We had weeks and weeks of choreography by our awesome choreographer, Paul Becker.

Keith L. Williams: Oh, yeah. He also did Riverdale.

Brady Noon: And then we had to learn the song; we had to sing the song and record it in a booth. We did all the stuff, and then it was a three-day shoot in – where did we shoot? Langley. It was in a mall. It took so long, and then it just got cut out. We had, like, inappropriate thrusting. It was funny.

Keith L. Williams: We were thrusting with that baby. Remember that baby?

Brady Noon: Okay, it wasn’t a real baby.

Keith L. Williams: It was a real baby. Remember the baby? We had to like dance around him. And you thrusted.

Brady Noon: It was our characters. So: disclaimer before we get arrested for sexual harassment. Just so you know, it was scripted. It was not improv.

Keith L. Williams: Oh, yeah. Oh, are we still talking about? I thought we were still talking about the dancing, right?

We're talking about the dancing. 

Keith L. Williams. Yeah, that did happen. It was a real baby. His name was Jonah. It was a real baby.

Yeah. That's crazy. Well, you guys did an amazing job. It's a hilarious movie. Thank you guys so much for your time.

Jacob Tremblay: Thank you.

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