Good Boys Red Band Trailer #2 Features Critical Raves & Raunchy Jokes

Jacob Tremblay Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams in Good Boys

The newest red band trailer for the comedy Good Boys runs down the movie’s rave reviews while offering up a lot of raunchy jokes. Previously wholesome child star Jacob Tremblay heads up the cast of Good Boys, an R-rated comedy in the spirit of Superbad and this year's Booksmart. Seth Rogen unsurprisingly is one of the producers behind the movie, along with his Superbad co-star Jonah Hill.

The plot of Good Boys sees Tremblay’s Max and his pair of sixth grade friends, Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon), as they skip school and head out for an adventure. This particular adventure involves stolen drugs, being hunted down by teenage girls and trying to make it home in time for a first middle school party. Directed by Gene Stupnitsky, the movie also stars Will Forte, Retta, Lil Rel Howery and Booksmart actress Molly Gordon.

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Universal Pictures has dropped a new red band trailer for Good Boys, and once again, the emphasis is on the movie’s array of raunchy jokes, drug references and other comedy not suitable for kids. Indeed, part of the joke in this trailer is that the kids in the movie actually can’t see the trailer for the movie. See the trailer in question in the space below:

As in the previous red band trailer for the movie, Rogen himself makes a cameo at the beginning of the clip, and of course there is a joke about him having to hide his bongs and tell the movie’s three pre-teen stars that they were vases. Rogen then goes on to explain to the kids that they can’t watch the red band trailer for their own movie, which seems ridiculous to them as they’ve already seen Rogen’s other movies Superbad and Sausage Party.

The trailer itself includes a number of positive critical blurbs about the film, while also giving a sampling of the movie’s R-rated humor. Much of what’s featured was seen in previous trailers, including all the stuff about the boys accidentally stealing some Molly from the “nymphomaniac” next door. The biggest addition to the new trailer is a hilarious sequence featuring Thor’s little sister Annabelle (Lina Rinna), who keeps intruding on the boys’ bean bag party to announce things like “I know what cocaine is.

This and the previous red band trailer leave little doubt about where Good Boys is coming from in terms of comedy. This is a movie that means to do Superbad one better when it comes to raunchiness and inappropriate behavior from young people. The fact that these kids are even younger than the ones in Superbad and its 2019 equivalent Booksmart will certainly make the comedy funnier for some people, while making others shake their heads in disbelief (and Rogen and company will be happy with either result, no doubt).

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