Good Behavior Season 2 Recap & Finale Explained

Good Behavior season 2 proved to be the end of the road for TNT's twisted romantic thriller - here's how the season played out. Good Behavior follows freshly released criminal Letty, played by Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey), but while she should be focused on gaining custody her estranged son Jacob, it doesn't take long for her to fall back into bad habits. After overhearing information about a planned murder she tries - and fails - to stop the assassin Javier (Juan Diego Botto) from taking out his target.

Letty and Javier soon form a dangerous romance, which makes up the bulk of the drama on Good Behavior. While the show earned a small but loyal fanbase, this wasn't enough to prevent network TNT pulling the plug following season 2. Creator Chad Hodge (Wayward Pines) claims there's still a chance he could revisit the series to give it a proper finale, but for now, the cliffhanger ending of season 2 might be the end of the Letty/Javier love story.

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Good Behavior season 2 found Letty and Javier trying to make a somewhat normal life for the sake of her son Jacob, who she was awarded custody of during season 1. Letty natural self-destructive impulses kick in again, however. Javier's life is made all the more complex when criminal Teo - the ex-boyfriend of his sister Ava - comes back into his life. Javier soon learns Teo (Juan Riedinger, Narcos) may have been involved with the death of his father and brother too.

This all comes to a head in Good Behavior's season 2 finale, which takes place in the bloody aftermath of the previous episode "And I Am A Violent Criminal." Teo held Letty at gunpoint in her fancy new mansion waiting for Javier to return, but she got the upper hand and shot Teo dead. She also accidentally shoots an innocent security guard. The finale "Letty Raines, In The Mansion, With The Gun" has her deal with having killed for the first time, while Javier helps dispose of the bodies. Considering Letty can be a mess at the best of times, the guilt weighs heavily on her. She and Javier decide to head for L.A. with Teo's drugs for a new life.

The Good Behavior season 2 finale left plenty of scope for more Bonnie & Clyde-style drama, and the third season would have explored how they cope in a new city, and how Jacob is slowly adopting some of Letty's bad habits. It seems likely the deaths of Teo and the security guy would come back to haunt Letty in more ways than one also. Unfortunately, fans may never know what happens next.

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