'Gone Girl' TV Trailer: Ben Affleck Might Be A Killer

Ben Affleck in Gone Girl

The Fall 2014 movie season might feel a bit like slim pickings, as far as quality film offerings go, but there are a number of potential gems awaiting therein, and Gone Girl is definitely one of them. Gillian Flynn adapted her best-selling mystery novel for David Fincher's movie adaptation; judging by the trailer footage unveiled thus far, this could be another stylishly moody, dark, and overall troubling piece of storytelling from the Se7en and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo helmsman.

Gone Girl features Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne, a man who reports to the authorities that his wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), has gone missing, on their fifth wedding anniversary. However, as the mysterious circumstance surrounding Amy's disappearance come to light, Nick finds himself being vilified by the media. Meanwhile, his friends, family, and (worst of all) the police begin to grow increasingly suspicious that Nick may have murdered Amy... But did he?

Well thankfully, for those who haven't read Flynn's source material yet, the Gone Girl film marketing campaign has been very good at teasing the movie's various twists and turns, but without revealing too much - something that also holds true for the extended TV promo above (which contains some previously-unseen footage) - leaving those who're not in the know to wonder just how nasty this story will become, by the time it reaches its conclusion.

Ben Affleck in Gone Girl

Flynn's Gone Girl novel has earned more than its fair share of raves for its twisty-turny narrative; not to mention, how it uses murder-mystery tropes as a means to examine the realities of what married life is like. Many fans of Flynn's book are surely curious to see how the story is translated onscreen - in particular, the revelatory third act.

Fincher recently indicated that the finale third of Flynn's script is not that much of a departure from her book, as was previously reported to be the case. The director's comments, when you read between the lines, seem to suggest that the Gone Girl narrative structure has been altered during the page-to-screen transition, but the final payoff will be the same. So, hopefully, the film's conclusion will be just as powerful and disturbing as many find the novel's ending to be.

Rounding out the Gone Girl cast are Tyler Perry (The Single Moms Club), Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), Kim Dickens (Treme), Scoot McNairy (Argo), and Patrick Fugit (Thanks for Sharing), among others.

Gone Girl opens in U.S. theaters on October 3rd, 2014.

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