Gone Baby Gone TV Show is Moving Forward, Finds Director

Gone Baby Gone Film Art

The Gone Baby Gone TV pilot is continuing to move forward, with 20th Century Fox TV confirming that it has found a director. The pilot is based on the 1998 detective novel by Dennis Lehane, and focuses on private detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro. The duo is tasked with looking into the disappearance of a young girl, and slowly turns into a much larger mystery.

The book was on the receiving end of a film adaptation in 2007, with Ben Affleck taking the helm for his directorial debut long before that uncertainty over his future as Batman became a major talking point. The film was a hit, earning the plaudits of critics and getting Amy Ryan a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars. As such, it was no surprise that the novel would see another adaptation, this time moving Gone Baby Gone over to television via Fox and Miramax.

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Now, it turns out that Fox has found a director for the project. As reported by Deadline, the Gone Baby Gone pilot is going to be directed by Phillip Noyce, who previously directed Patriot Games, Salt, and more recently The Giver. Noyce has also been working with Fox on another television project, directing the first two episodes of medical drama The Resident.

Casey Affleck in Gone Baby Gone

The pilot for Gone Baby Gone, which has yet to have its official name confirmed, has been written by Black Sails co-creator Robert Levine. The series gave viewers some of the best television moments of 2017, and if that quality can be brought over to this adaptation then there's definitely a good chance that Gone Baby Gone could be a success. Levine is also acting as executive producer alongside Dennis Lehane.

This is not the only adaptation that Dennis Lehane's work has received over the years, of course. The author also wrote Mystic River and Shutter Island, with the latter also supposedly having a television adaptation in the works courtesy of HBO. However, the Shutter Island TV series Ashecliffe has not seen any official updates in a fair while, leading many to believe that it's been lost in development hell.

Should Gone Baby Gone kick off successfully, then it will be interesting to see where Fox decides to take the show. Although Gone Baby Gone is the most well-known novel with Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro, it's actually just one novel in a series that focuses on the private detectives. With that in mind, there's a lot of source material that could be called upon.

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Source: Deadline

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