N64: 20 Hidden Details In GoldenEye 007 Real Fans Completely Missed

Every single veteran gamer out there remembers Goldeneye. Back in the day, it was the game that everyone was talking about. We all remember those epic couch multiplayer gaming sessions where things got seriously intense. This is one of the best First Person Shooters ever made, and many put it right up there with Doom and other pioneers in the genre. This was more than just a game based on a Bond movie. It was something unique, something the gaming world had never seen before. It was full of character, attention to detail, and brilliant game mechanics.

The fact that it was one of the best-selling titles for N64 should come as no surprise. But when it comes to Goldeneye, there are plenty of other facts that will surprise you. There's a lot more than meets the eye with this game. Tons of little details and hidden secrets are concealed within this amazing game. Some easter eggs are hidden deep within the game's code. Some are references that you won't understand unless you know the full story. But have no fear. We're about to reveal 20 of the best hidden details in this game - things that even real gamers might have missed.

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20 No Matter Which Character You Choose, You Always Have James Bond's Hands

Although Goldeneye was incredibly advanced for its time, the game did have its limitations. This was without a doubt a game-changer for the First Person Shooter genre, but looking back we can see some archaic features that would be out of place in today's AAA titles. One of the most obvious examples of this is the Player character's hands.

Multiplayer was a big feature of Goldeneye, and many people absolutely loved this part of the game. One of the best parts of multiplayer was picking your own character. Tons of Bond characters were available, including favorites like Odd Job and Baron Samedi. But no matter which character you choose, you always end up with James Bond's hands. Of course, you'll never notice this unless you look close enough.

19 The Faces Of The Henchmen Are Modeled After The Game's Developers

One of the best features of Goldeneye was its many enemies. These ranged from bosses to common rank-and-file soldiers. There were soldiers that obviously had a theme, such as the infantry for example. But there were other enemies that were seemingly completely random, such as a number of "henchmen."

These henchmen might not seem particularly remarkable - until you look closely at their faces. Do some research, and you'll find that the faces of these henchmen are modeled after the developers of the game. This development team was incredibly small - comprised of only 8 developers in total. Most had never worked on a video game before. But these developers carved their name in gaming history with this monumental title - and they also made sure their faces were in the final product!

18 Bond's Watch Actually Tells The Correct Time

The best video games in history are ones that pay close attention to detail. Even the most minor game features are meticulously designed. When you look at all these details together, they paint a complete picture of a brilliant game. Goldeneye certainly went the extra mile in every little regard - even the pause screen.

When players pause the game, they're greeted by a futuristic James Bond watch. This watch provides the player with all the relevant game information, including vital statistics and inventory data. But some players might not have noticed that this is actually a fully functioning watch. In fact, the watch tells the real time, and the watch hands continue to move regardless of whether the game is paused or not.

17 You Can Find A VHS Of The Movie Goldeneye In The Game

No game would be complete without the addition of a few easter eggs, and Goldeneye is no exception. Players with close attention to detail will find all kinds of goodies hidden around the various levels. Some are hidden locations, while others are pop culture references. We've already mentioned a few of the character models that share faces with developers.

But one of the best easter eggs you'll find in this game is a small box that resembles the VHS of the film version of Goldeneye. The fact that VHS was still around speaks volumes about how old this game really is. You can't actually do anything with the VHS, but it's a cool addition and one that fans love to talk about.

16 The Sound Of The Rocket Launcher Is Taken From A Movie

It doesn't take a genius to figure out which weapons are the most powerful in a video game. Typically, they're the biggest, the loudest, and the heaviest. The same is true with Goldeneye, as the Rocket Launcher is one of the best weapons in the game. This explosive weapon is a fan favorite and was used with glee in both single and multiplayer modes.

Most people never think about the sound that a weapon makes. Instead, they focus on its ability to cause carnage and destruction. But there's actually an interesting story behind the iconic explosive "bang" of the Rocket Launcher in Goldeneye. Believe it or not, the sound of the explosive payload was taken from a movie called Operation Petticoat. It's exactly the same as the sound of a depth charge in this 1959 submarine movie.

15 You Can Play With Two Controllers At The Same Time

As previously mentioned, the last four controller schemes in the list involve two controllers. No, this doesn't mean you get to play with a friend. These controller schemes actually demand that you hold a controller in each hand. Why? Because with this method, it's possible to move and strafe at the same time. Without that extra joystick, this crucial motion is not possible.

Holding two controllers at the same time isn't exactly easy. But as cumbersome as it is, this button layout showed that the developers knew the importance of that extra joystick. Anyone who's ever played a shooter knows that it's very important to move and strafe at the same time. However, a lot of fans probably never tried this method. Either they only had one controller, or they found the whole thing to be way too confusing.

14 There's A Star Trek Reference In The Game

In most cases, the universe of Star Trek and the world of James Bond never collide. But one notable exception is within the story of the Goldeneye video game. In one particular level called "Streets," James Bond is given the task of protecting a few civilians who find themselves in the crossfire. Conveniently, these civilians are all wearing red shirts.

Why is this significant? Because in the world of Star Trek, everyone knows that the "Red Shirts" are the first ones to perish whenever there's a mission. The fact that they're wearing a red shirt means that they're not important, and they won't survive the episode. Since then, the term "red shirt" has been used as a pop culture reference for anyone who is in harm's way. The inclusion of Red Shirts in Goldeneye is an obvious Star Trek reference.

13 If You Accidentally Eliminate Alec, He'll Give You A Hint About The Ending

There's another important mission in the game where you come into contact with Alec. This character is a well-known addition to the movie, and his character was played by Sean Bean. Those who watched the movie know that this character is actually a double-crossing double agent, and he betrays Bond in the end.

But if you accidentally eliminate Alec early on in the game, he gives you a hint about the ending. He claims that the fact that you ended him is "ironic." Why? Because he's planning to eliminate you through the entire game. It's a neat touch, and it shows that the developers definitely knew how to throw in some interesting story elements.

12 Almost Every Single Object Explodes When You Shoot It

Even though most of the developers behind Goldeneye had absolutely no experience making video games, they still knew exactly what gamers wanted. And as any gamer will tell you, there are few things more satisfying than shooting an object until it explodes. Usually, games include explosive weapons like gas canisters, bright red barrels, or other clearly marked objects.

Goldeneye took a very different approach. Instead of making only certain objects explosive, they decided to make almost every item in the game liable to burst into flames after a few bullets. This was true even if it made absolutely no sense in real life. Everything blew up when players shot at it. And in the end, details like these made it an unforgettable game.

11 Random Commandants Were Added To The Game For No Reason

A number of random enemies were added to the game. But probably the most confusing were the Russian commandants. There was absolutely no reason for these characters to be in the game. They were supposed to be the highest ranking officers among the various characters, and yet there was nothing special about them.

In fact, there were only three Russian commandants in the entire game. These characters were only armed with a weak pistol in most cases, making them some of the easiest characters to eliminate in the entire game. There were no special objectives or rewards for defeating them. It seems like the developers just decided to include them for the heck of it.

10 How To Access The Secret Island

If you were a true fan of Goldeneye, you probably know all about the secret island. Maybe you even visited it. It's one of the most famous hidden locations within the game, and players tried very hard to figure out a way to reach it. The island is located in the very first mission. Most players only spotted this island by looking through a sniper scope in exactly the right area. However, it is possible to reach this island for yourself.

Granted, you have to use cheating software like Gameshark to make it happen. And once you do reach the island, you might feel a little disappointed. After all, there's nothing special about this island. There are no secrets to be found. It's just a small island with a couple of buildings and a gun turret. Still, it's one of the most legendary hidden locations in the game.

9 The Legendary "Klobb" Machine Pistol Is Named After One Of The Developers

A lot of people loved Goldeneye because there were so many awesome weapons to choose from. Depending on your unique playstyle, you might have fallen in love with one particular weapon. There were many to choose from, but some of them emerged as universally loved fan favorites. One example was the Klobb Machine Pistol. This was a powerful weapon that was great in both single and multiplayer modes. But some fans might not know the full story behind this gun.

It's based on a real-life weapon called the Skorpion. But the developers decided to change the name to Spyder. Then, they finally changed the name of the gun one final time to Klobb. Why? Because they named it after a Nintendo executive - Ken Lobb. It's an interesting fact that many people might not be aware of.

8 The Levels Were Designed To Perfectly Copy Real Film Sets

Another feature that really helped Goldeneye stand out was its level design. Many players remember the expansive, non-linear design of each area, and appreciated the fact that there was always tons of space to explore. The developers intentionally created the levels without the actual mission in mind. That is to say that they created the levels first, and only then did they figure out how the missions and objectives were going to work within that space.

This is why there are seemingly pointless areas in many levels that serve no purpose. Many players remember exploring empty rooms which were "off the beaten path," only to realize that the objective was in a completely different area. This might have been a result of how they created the levels in the first place. You see, the developers actually visited the movie sets of the film Goldeneye, and modeled many of the levels after the film sets. In many cases, the areas in the games are direct copies of the various film sets.

7 Dr. Doak Is Named After One Of The Developers

Real fans of the game might remember a certain character called Dr. Doak. This character is pretty integral to the story and helps James Bond in one of his most important missions. Dr. Doak is a double agent, and he gives Bond a Door Decoder so that he can complete his mission. After this act, Dr. Doak escapes the facility before things get a little too dangerous (unless the player decides to eliminate Doak instead).

But what a lot of people don't know about Dr. Doak is that he was modeled after a real person. This was Dr. David Doak, a real developer who worked on Goldeneye. Not only does this character have the same name as David Doak, but he also has a face which is clearly modeled after the developer.

6 The Various Controller Button Layouts Are Named After Bond Girls

Goldeneye came with tons of different controller options, and fans probably picked one that really worked for their particular playstyle. This is a pretty obvious note, but all of the various button layouts are named after Bond girls. The default controller layout is named Honey - named after Honey Rider from Dr. No.

There's also a controller layout named after Solitaire, Kissy Suzuki, Mary Goodnight, Domino Vitali, and more! All of these various Bond Girls appear in Bond movies through the years, including Live And Let Die, Moonraker, Thunderball, and many more. The last four controller styles are unique because they involve two controllers... More on that later.

5 There's A Hidden Emulator For A Retro Game System Hidden Inside

Hidden inside the game's code is an emulator for a retro game system called the ZX Spectrum. Not only that, but the emulator comes with ten games. These games are from all the way back in the 80s, and it's an interesting touch that many players really found enjoyable. So what's the connection between Goldeneye and the ZX Spectrum?

The company that developed Goldeneye is called Rare. This development company created a bunch of games for the ZX Spectrum back in the day, so this explains why the emulator exists within the code of Goldeneye. The emulator was a side project that the team decided to try out, to see whether or not the N64 could even handle such an emulator. Needless to say, they were successful.

4 The Game Invented The Iconic "Bond Fall"

Goldeneye was an innovative game in so many ways. In terms of First Person Shooters, it's mentioned in the same breath as Doom, Wolfenstein, and other classics. But one of the most iconic contributions the game made the Bond gaming franchise was a simple fall animation. Known by many as the "Bond Fall" or the "Goldeneye Fall," this animation features a character falling to his knees before crumpling flat on his face.

That alone is nothing special. But what makes this animation interesting is the fact that it has been used in every single Bond game ever since. It seems that Goldeneye made such a huge impression on the gaming community that developers feel the need to pay homage to the game every time they add to the Bond franchise. This fall mechanic is how they honor the legacy of Goldeneye. 

3 Much Of The Soundtrack Was Based On The Theme Songs Of Various Bond Movies

No matter what you think of James Bond movies, you can't deny that they feature some amazing soundtracks. In many cases, these are the best parts of the entire film. Who could forget theme songs like Live And Let [Perish], or Skyfall. These theme songs are often sung by talented vocalists, and they add so much to the overall experience of the movie.

When it came time to create a soundtrack for Goldeneye, the developers didn't try to fix what wasn't broken. For the most part, they were influenced heavily by past theme songs for Bond movies. Many players commented on how awesome the soundtrack was for this game, and it was clear that these classic theme songs translated well to the video game world.

2 The Word "Goldeneye" Has Much Deeper Meaning Than You Think

So where does the word Goldeneye come from, anyway? Is it just some random phrase that was stamped onto a new Bond movie? Or is there some deeper meaning to this word. As it turns out, Goldeneye has real significance to the history of special forces and espionage. Back when Ian Flemming was involved in covert ops, he was part of something called Operation Goldeneye during World War II.

This was a secret operation designed to combat the German presence in Spain. That gives the word "Goldeneye" a whole new meaning. Not only that, but Ian Flemming eventually named his beach house after the operation. It was obvious that the word held a very special significance for the legendary writer, and for the Bond franchise as a whole.

1 Donkey Kong's Head Appears If You Know What To Do

Dedicated fans of Goldeneye will remember the long-standing rumor which involved Donkey Kong's face appearing in a cliff face. Apparently, if you looked towards the cliff face in a certain way, you would see Donkey Kong's face carved into the cliff as clear as day. This easter egg was supposedly found during the bungee jump mission, where you jump off a platform. But many fans say that it's just a generic face, and it doesn't actually share too much resemblance with Donkey Kong.

However, there is something else that involves Donkey Kong in this game. And that's the famous cheat called "Donkey Kong Mode." Goldeneye was one of the first games to reward players with cheats, and this was one of the best ones. When this code is activated, all the enemies have huge heads, tiny bodies, and long arms. It's one of the funniest cheats in the game.

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