Golden Globes: What Tommy Wiseau Wanted to Say on Stage

Tommy Wiseau and James Franco at the Golden Globes (NBC image)

The Disaster Artist's real-life subject Tommy Wiseau revealed what he wanted to say on the Golden Globes stage Sunday night before star-director James Franco pushed him aside. Hollywood has been swept up in the Wiseau renaissance in the past few months thanks to the success of The Disaster Artist, where Franco transforms himself into the mysterious actor-filmmaker as he chronicles the making of the 2003 midnight cult classic The Room.

The film not only earned Franco critical acclaim, he's been honored with Best Actor nominations for the upcoming Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Critics Choice Movie Awards and the Film Independent Spirit Awards. On Sunday night, Franco earned his first big win of this year's awards season at the Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for The Disaster Artist, where he waived for Wiseau to join him and his brother, Dave Franco, on-stage. Looking to seize an opportunity, Wiseau leaned forward to say something into the microphone on stage before Franco playfully blocked from doing so.

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And while Wiseau didn't get a chance to make a speech on national television during one of Hollywood's biggest award nights of the year, Rolling Stone caught up with the real-life disaster artist to find out what he planned on saying if he would have had the chance. Wiseau said:

"If a lot of people loved each other, the world would be a better place to live. See The Room, have fun, and enjoy life. The American Dream is alive, and it's real."

In a way, it's too bad viewers and the audience at the Golden Globes didn't get a chance to hear Wiseau say that on stage, especially since it's such a positive, uplifting message (if that's what he was really intending to say – he is Tommy Wiseau, after all). But the truth is, it was Franco's work that was being honored, and he's been very grateful for Wiseau up to this point.

Tommy Wiseau in The Room and James Franco in The Disaster Artist

Plus, as Golden Globe winners like Guillermo del Toro and Gary Oldman found out at the ceremony, each recipient is given a short amount of time to get out their thank-yous. If Wiseau were allowed to start talking before Franco even uttered a word, it's hard to say if Franco would have had a chance to express his gratitude to the people who helped get him to the point where he is today, a chance he might not get again this awards season.

In retrospect, Franco in all likelihood may wish he would have given Wiseau a chance to speak. With any luck, he'll have a chance to turn the mic over to his Disaster Artist inspiration at the SAG Awards, Critics' Choice Movie Awards, the Spirit Awards, or maybe even the Oscars, should the trend continue and Franco is nominated.

And even if Wiseau doesn't get to participate in an acceptance speech, he's still a big winner. He has a higher profile in Hollywood than ever, and on Wednesday, he's getting what he's waited his whole life for with a nationwide, one-day release of The Room in 600 theaters. For any actor or filmmaker in Hollywood, that's the American Dream.

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Source: Rolling Stone

Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

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