Stars Wear 'Time's Up' Pins at Golden Globes to Protest Sexual Misconduct

Everyone knew the trend at this year's Golden Globes was going to be to wear all black to call awareness to the sexual misconduct scandals that have been unearthed in the entertainment industry, but some may have also been surprised to see many celebrities sporting "Time's Up" pins as well.  As was no doubt the intention, a quick Google of the phrase will quickly yield answers, revealing a site devoted to helping those affected by sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Having grown exhausted with how many stars have been able to get away with victimizing people, 2017 was the year that celebrities began a major push to hold their peers accountable for their actions. At the Golden Globes itself, many of the accused were notably absent, including names like Harvey Weinstein. Celebrities giving their speeches and interviews were quick to point this out and take some pride in the different landscape.

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With the end of the year bringing the theme of leaving everything behind, it might have seemed possible that the effort to purge the entertainment industry of its abusers might be forgotten in 2018. The Time’s Up movement was a big declaration to the contrary, though.

The site was created on January 1 of 2018, sending a clear message that the new year would not wash away anyone’s memory of all these accusations. More than that, Time’s Up is about spreading the conversation of those who have been hurt by sexual abuse beyond just celebrities. On the front of the website is a letter written on behalf of 700,000 female farmworkers in the U.S. that describes how common harassment is in their industry as well, and stating their appreciation of the celebrities who are using their platform to speak up about the prevalence of this problem. That’s why Time’s Up goes beyond talking only about celebrities and extends the message to ordinary people who have been hurt as well.

Time’s Up isn’t just about conversations, though. A major part of the site is also that it will run a legal defense fund for people to fight their abusers in court. The fund is open for anyone to donate to, with it gaining nearly $16 million from GoFundMe, and donations staying open on the site. Many celebrities helped kick off the fund by donating large sums as well, including Taylor Swift, Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Timberlake, and Cate Blanchett, just to name a few.

Clearly, not many people are forgetting all the accusations of 2017, and there will be a continued push to stamp out tolerating this kind of behavior in 2018.

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Source: USA Today

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