Golden Globes Opening Speech: Seth Meyers Tackles Kevin Spacey & Harvey Weinstein

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With how much of 2017 was centered on allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault from people in the entertainment industry, there was no doubt that this year’s Golden Globes would be addressing those issues. That business was handled right up front in the opening speech from Seth Meyers who spent much of his monologue addressing all the scandals that have engulfed the entertainment world of late.

Even before the speeches ever started, many of the stars at the Golden Globes were already making a big statement against the abuse in their industry by wearing all black to call awareness to the scandals. Women and men alike were largely seen sporting almost all black, as well as pins saying “time’s up” to indicate that there would be no more tolerating sexual misconduct in the industry.

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However, the message was far more than just nonverbal. Many stars commented overtly on the statement they were making when they were interviewed on the red carpet. And of course host Seth Meyers had a lot to say on the subject once he took the stage. Meyers poked fun at Harvey Weinstein by pointing out how the latter was not there, but reassured everyone that Weinstein would eventually be back - in a few decades when Weinstein would be the first person ever booed during the “in memoriam” segment.

Meyers also acknowledged the sexual misconduct of Kevin Spacey, saying he heard they’re doing another season of House of Cards. Myers then wondered if Christopher Plummer would be taking over for that role too, referencing how Spacey was replaced by Plummer with just months to spare in Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World. Woody Allen was also a target for the jokes, with Meyers quipping “when I first heard about a film where a naïve young woman falls in love with a disgusting sea monster I thought, oh man, not another Woody Allen movie.” This was in reference to Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water.

While allegations against people like Allen have been common knowledge for years now, that hasn’t deterred some stars from continuing to work with him. 2017 was really the point when many celebrities were sick of the status quo, though, and spoke up loudly not only against stars already surrounded in scandal, but many big names who the public previously held no judgment against. Louis C. K., Brett Ratner, and Max Landis are just a few of the names who lost work as a result of the allegations against them in 2017.

The Golden Globes clearly showed that this subject is not one that will be forgotten simply with the coming of a new year. With the Oscars also right around the corner, it’s very likely many stars will continue to speak up about this topic when given a platform there as well. Seth Meyers used one of the first award shows of 2018 to bring attention to this topic, but it doesn’t look like he will be the last to do so by any means.

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