Golden Globes 2014: The Movies & TV Shows to Know About

While the films themselves may not take top awards, these performances from some industry veterans are likely to be the focus of some discussion:

Blue Jasmine - Woody Allen's latest about a depressed housewife has made the "Best Actress - Drama" category a near lock for Cate Blanchett, with an Oscar nom sure to follow.

All Is Lost - Robert Redford does a one-man show (without saying much) as a guy lost out on the treacherous sea. While he might not win over more favored choices (Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Years) Redford is excellent in the film.

Philomena  - People are more likely to say "Oh hey, there's Judi Dench again!" rather than actually checking out this quirky, funny and moving film about an odd-couple road trip to search for a long-lost son.

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