Golden Globes 2014: The Movies & TV Shows to Know About

The nominees for the 2014 Golden Globes have been announced, once again giving the world (and the show biz world) a preview of what might be in store for the 2014 Oscars race. Some people care about the various awards - others certainly don't - but it is a reality in our culture that movies and TV shows in contention for awards become topics of discussion - and being in the "know" when the discussion comes around always feels better than not being in the know.

Here you will find a concise list of the movies and TV shows you should be in the "know" about as the 2014 Golden Globes (and general awards season) approaches. We're skipping the big ones (like who HASN'T heard of Gravity before now?) and will stick to informing you about the lesser-known picks on the Globes nominee list.

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