Golden Girls: 10 Hilarious Sophia Memes (& Quotes) That Are Too Funny

Sophia's best Golden Girls memes... and some of the brilliant lines that inspire them!

Golden Girls Sophia

When we were little, we all wanted to be fabulous like Blanche, smart like Dorothy, or adorable like Rose. As adults, we all came to the same realization that we are basically millennial versions of Sophia. Her wit, cynicism, and sarcasm could give anyone a run for their money and nine times out of ten, it did. There was nothing this old broad couldn't clap back at and now that we're old enough to appreciate it, we suddenly understand why she had zero patience and absolutely no you-know-whats given.

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Now that it's almost 2020, we've found a pretty spectacular way to immortalize everyone's cruel boss lady: Memes. Through the power of photoshop and the gift of social media, we're able to quote Sophia anytime, any place, for any reason. But do we really need a reason to quote the best Golden Girl? Well, back in Sicily...

10 Colorful Shirt, White Hair, Don't Care

We'd have to agree - when it came to doing what she wanted to, Sophia listened to no man, woman, or law. If she felt like wearing a multi-colored plaid shirt then that's exactly what she did, and we should all take a page from Sophia's book of fashion.

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Age will not define us! No matter how big our glasses get or how gray our hair. Throw a yellow apron in the mix and suddenly, our lives are looking that much brighter.

9 No Ifs, Ands, Or Buts About It

At one point, calling someone a 'serial' anything wasn't nearly taboo as is it to bring up the topic today. We think that Sophia would have loved all of these crime podcasts that we have today, if only for the side-commentary. We could just hear her now, make snide remarks about how someone could have gotten away or how evidence could have been covered up. After all, Sophia had quite a few skeletons of her own that we never really knew much about...

8 The Brutal Honesty Is Overwhelming

Sophia had no problem admitting she was old when it was to her benefit, but when it came to treating her like she was old, well... that was a different story. Shady Pines became the start of many a joke and it was nearly as famous as 'a something, another something, and a final something walk into a bar...'. The mention of Shady Pines would generate a collective groan because it was, after all, the bane of Sophia's existence. Especially when having fun is a travesty. Hashtag savage, much?

7 Will The Real Negan Please Stand Up?

There are really no words needed to go with the most ambitious crossover in the history of memes. We're guessing Sophia would be giving Negan a run for his money... Either that or she'd be charming him with her insane wit. Either way, they'd be a great match-up and we're pretty sure Sophia wielded a weapon just like this back in Sicily. It's only fair that she should have the leather jacket and trademark red scarf to match.

6 Aloe Is Needed For That Burn... And Then Some

We forfeit: Sophia had the best comebacks and burns of any TV legend in existence. Many have tried and many have failed when it comes to eviscerating their friends, but what makes this so brutal is that Sophia was talking about her own daughter. While Dorothy was used to her mother's insane antics, we did 'hooray' a bit when she was able to fire something back. But that really didn't happen often. It's all we can do to wish we had half her icy talent.

5 Poor Blanche, She Never Caught A Break

Beneath all the love and friendship that made Golden Girls so golden was a wild insult streak. Blanche was usually the brunt of Sophia's jokes, and they were mainly aimed at her habit of working blue. Blanche got around alright, and Sophia let it be known that she disapproved and was well aware.

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However, it was hilarious every single time. Little one-liner zips like this are what makes the show so timeless for us.

4 In Stark Contrast, There's Dorothy

Dorothy was a smart, independent woman, which makes sense as she was also raised by a smart, independent woman. While Sophia took on the occasional date and had no hesitation when it came to being honest with men, Dorothy was a one-man, one love type of woman.

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Her mother was constantly harping on her about it, and even went as far as throwing digs about her dating life - or lack thereof. Some of these even made us cringe!

3 Dorothy Tried, Though

There is literally no shame in Sophia's game. It didn't matter what age she was, a date was a date! This episode was a classic and although Dorothy tried to zing one at her mother, as expected, Sophia was way ahead of her. The intended insult was nothing but a positive in Sophia's eyes, and we can't disagree with her. While strangely morbid, it was a good tactic.

2 Rose Never Changed, But Sophia Is Just As Crude As Ever

Hilariously enough, Sophia picked on Blanche's every man-encounter but worked a bit blue, herself. While this meme does target Rose specifically, we can't tear our eyes away from the fact that Sophia seemed to have gotten around just as much in her younger days. In fact, she had quite the salacious history! Hearing this is like listening to our own grandmothers talk about their NSFW escapades.

1 Ah, The Old Land

Nothing made us groan more than when Sophia brought up Sicily. It was almost as bad as Rose bringing up 'ol Saint Olaf, but Sophia's stories were usually much better. But isn't that what we all loved about Sophia in the first place? She reminded us of that one crazy Italian grandmother whom we all loved, albeit feared, and it was everything.

She may have been nearly impossible to live with but there's one thing no one can deny: The Golden Girls simply wouldn't have been the same without her. Then again, we're guessing that neither would Sicily.

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