Golden Girls: 10 Hilarious Dorothy Memes That Are Too Funny

Memes can crop up from the strangest of sources, but these hilarious Dorothy memes came from the classic television show, The Golden Girls.

Let’s face it, The Golden Girls has never not been funny. Since it originally aired in the last 1980s and early 1990s, the show has not only consistently been hilarious, but it was also ahead of its time in many ways. This means that it’s still enjoyable to rewatch the show now with minimal cringeworthy moments that other nostalgic TV shows have!

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One of the greatest parts of The Golden Girls, of course, was Dorothy Zbornak, hilariously played by Bea Arthur. Every Saturday night, while the show was airing, Bea Arthur graced our television screens and gave us some of the funniest moments in TV history, some of which have become amusing memes for us to enjoy today!

10 Grammar Fiends

If you're anything like Dorothy — who was an English teacher, we will remind you — then you probably have a healthy sense of what proper spelling and grammar should look like. Therefore, you know that you should never end a sentence with a preposition, if you're following the strict laws of grammar! This meme is perfect for when your friends are sending lazy text messages without proper grammar, but you really don't have the strength to correct them on it anymore, because language is fluid and, really, what's grammar when all language is an invention of man?

9 A Bad Day Ahead

We all know those people. The ones who say, "Aw, lighten up!" when you're feeling sad for perfectly valid reasons, or who say, "What are you so upset about?" when there's many reasons to be upset! Those are the same people who will absolutely tell you to have a nice day when it is quite clear that you are not having a nice day. To those passive-aggressive fools that populate our regular lives, you should send this meme, reminding them that No! No, you will not have a nice day!

8 The Power Of...?

An echo of that famous line from The Exorcist, Dorothy invokes a different sort of deity when she exclaims, "I feel the power of Satan inside me." Not only was this hilarious when the show first aired, but it's especially hilarious now, since everyone's embracing their once-goth phases and incorporating it into their daily lives. We all feel a little bit if the power of Satan inside us. Dorothy's just reminding the general population that it's okay to feel the power. Embrace it.

7 Tell Them How You Really Feel

Dorothy is notorious for her cutting one-liners and biting remarks that she is prone to making without provocation or context. Always, though, the person on the receiving end of her jibes deserves it, and that's no different here.

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Dorothy gets what it's like to have to deal with people you don't like on a daily basis, and when those people hug you? Game over. Dorothy's just saying what we're all thinking whenever anyone gets too close into your personal space: "Go hug a landmine!"

6 Dinner Options

Really, if it's not delivery, it's DiGiorno. The only two actual options for dinner are just takeout pizza or pizza made at home because, in the end, the only real option for dinner is pizza. Dorothy knew that way before we did, giving us all the perfect meme for when your group chat is waffling on what they actually want to get for dinner. It always circles back around to pizza. Just let Dorothy help you cut out the middleman and all the hemming and hawing from the indecisive friends in your group!

5 Dress For The Job You Want

We can't all be blessed at birth with intelligence. Like Dungeons & Dragons characters, everyone has a certain amount of intelligence when they're born, and some of us just can't past a certain point. Some people are book smart, some people have common sense, and some, like Dorothy, have it all. She's long-suffering, since the people around her really aren't up to par, by her standards, so she leaves them these sweet parting words that you can use when your friends are also being foolish.

4 Too Rare To Die

Because Dorothy doesn't like to dress in saucy outfits like one of her best friends, Blanche Devereaux (played by Rue McClanahan), often does, she gets a lot of comments directed her way. Often commenting on her homely outfit choices, her deep voice, or her height, Blanche tends to send little jibes Dorothy's way about her appearance all the time.

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Of course, Dorothy always has a quip to shoot right back, just like this one, creating the perfect meme for when your friends roast you too hard.

3 Disgusting!

Fans of The Golden Girls probably hate Stan — or, at least, love to hate Stan. Stanley Zbornak, Dorothy's sleazy, cheating ex-husband, makes frequent appearances on the show, played by Herb Edelman. Stan is annoying and problematic, sure, but Dorothy has some of her most hilarious lines pointed at Stan and the terrible things he says and does on a daily basis. She often comes up with gems like this one, nailing Stan to the front door and leaving him out for the buzzards with her cutting words.

2 RIP Stan Z.

Again, Stanley Zbornak is the worst, and deserves the absolute most brutal jabs that Dorothy can dish out on him. Sometimes, though, the worst things you can say to someone are the calmest and most subversive. Sometimes, you want to make the comment that'll really nest in somebody's subconscious and stay there, coming out to pick at them in their most vulnerable moments. This is such a comment, and it has spawned such a meme.

1 The Ultimate Decision

Nobody's ever really sure what they're going to do when they get in the car in the morning. Some people really like their jobs, but know a bad day is coming up; some people hate their jobs, and spend most of their time daydreaming about what they'd do if they just went wild and skipped town; some people just want to see what would happen if they deviated from the norm. Regardless of which you are, you probably can relate to this line from an enraged Dorothy, becoming the relatable meme you see before you today. Sometimes, you're just not positive where you're going when you leave the house, and you really won't know whether you're on your way to get ice cream or commit a felony until you're already on your way there.

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