'Gold Rush Alaska' Season 2 Premieres October 28th

Gold Rush Season 2

The Hoffman’s are attempting finish the job they started last year, as Discovery Channel’s Friday night ratings smash Gold Rush Alaska returns for a second season, starting October 28.

Flying high from Gold Rush Alaska season 1, which averaged around 3.78 million viewers per episode, Todd Hoffman and company are returning to the familiar Porcupine Creek, in an attempt to retrieve all of the gold they had to leave behind.

With only $20,000 worth of gold making its way out of the ground last year, and a glory hole (snicker!) full of gold waiting for them, nothing’s going to stop the crew from returning to rightfully claim it as their own. Of course, after already putting everything on the line for last year’s trip, it’s going to take some major sacrificing to find the money to get them back to Alaska.

Not only is everyone selling everything they own, but the Hoffmans are also leveraging the small airport they own – all for a second chance at gold mining. With the steep learning curve all but conquered, mining this year should be a walk in the park. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

While things start out smoothly, and the gold starts flowing, certain unforeseen circumstances threaten to jeopardize the entire mining season. As time starts to slip away, everyone is forced to come up with a new plan to salvage their gold rush - and ultimately, their lives.

You can view the teaser trailer below:


Even though Gold Rush Alaska season 2 will pick up right before the second mining season begins, fans don’t have to worry about missing anything that may have transpired between seasons. Serving as a special supplemental episode, Discovery will air “The Off-Season” on Friday, October 28, at 8pm, which will show viewers all of the hard work that was put in to making it sure that they strike it rich this season.

Considering the first season of Gold Rush Alaska proved to be a compelling story about families attempting to achieve the American dream, one can only assume that the second season will be the same. With even more on the line, and everyone (hopefully) knowing what they’re doing, it should be interesting to see what they can accomplish this year.


Gold Rush Alaska season 2 premieres Friday, October 28 @9pm.

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