'Gold Rush: Alaska' Renewed For Season 2

Gold Rush: Todd Hoffman

Even though Todd Hoffman and clan completed the first season of Gold Rush: Alaska with only $20,000 in gold, everyone’s favorite would-be miners from Oregon will be returning to Porcupine Creek for a second season.

While to most television shows a second season means a continuation of a fictional storyline, for Gold Rush: Alaska it means another chance for Todd Hoffman, Jack Hoffman, James Harness, Greg Remsburg and Jim Thurber to provide their families with a new life free of debt.

When announcing Gold Rush: Alaska season 2, Discovery president Clark Bunting discussed how television audiences have been captivated with Hoffman and clan’s attempt at achieving the American Dream:

“This group of everyday men have harnessed their hopes and dreams and combined it with ferocity of spirit in an attempt to rekindle the American Dream for their families. Gold Rush: Alaska reflects what many Americans are feeling right now, and it’s clearly struck a chord with our audience.”

Even though many real-life miners scoff at the amateurish ignorance of Gold Rush: Alaska and ex-would-be miner Jimmy Dorsey was used as a scapegoat for the group's inability to follow directions (the manufacturer of the wave table said that Dorsey was, in fact, using it correctly – the addition of the jack is what inhibited its performance), one can’t deny the appeal of this television series.

Watching a group of everyday citizens risking everything for one purpose is completely captivating. In today’s times of financial distress, the notion of someone wanting to provide a better life for their family is something that many can identify with – and from the ratings, it looks like many have.

Gold Rush Alaska Crew

Since its premiere, Gold Rush: Alaska continued to rank first place amongst men aged 18-54 and 18-34. Considering where the first season finale left off, one can only assume that this ratings success will continue into next season.

Now that the group knows how to mine gold and Jack has found the glory hole, one can only guess how much money they’ll make next year.


Gold Rush: Alaska returns for a second season fall 2011.

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