Goku Voice Actor Wants To Play Live-Action King Kai

Sean Schemmel, who has been the voice of Goku in animated form since 1999, wants to play King Kai in a live-action Dragon Ball movie.

Sean Schemmel, the voice of Goku, wants a role in the next live-action Dragon Ball movie. Though the voice actor doesn't think he would be right for the role of Goku, Schemmel does believe he could play one of Goku's mentors, King Kai, who often serves as comedy relief.

For the English dubs of the popular anime series, Sean Schemmel has been voicing the adult version of Goku since 1999. For the first 67 episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Goku was voiced by Peter Kelamis and Ian James Corlett. During the middle of the Frieza Saga, Funimation began doing their own in-house dubs for the series, which affected their entire voice cast. Goku's voice actor was replaced with Schemmel, who has continued to voice the character for the remainder of the series. Schemmel continued to voice Goku in every Dragon Ball series that followed, including Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Z Kai, and Dragon Ball Super. Schemmel has consistently served as the voice of Goku in video games and animated movies.

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In a conversation with Comic Book at New York Comic Con 2017, Sean Schemmel discussed the possibility of playing Goku in a live-action Dragon Ball movie. Saying that he's probably too old and would have to work out for ten years to play Goku, Schemmel thinks that he would be a better fit for a different character from the anime - King Kai:

They could put me in a suit, and I’m good to go. Put me in a big King Kai suit? I’d love that.

King Kai, also voiced by Schemmel, is a key character in the franchise. Living on his own planet, King Kai is a short, blue alien with sunglasses who Goku went to for training in order to defeat Vegeta and Nappa. As Goku's martial arts instructor, King Kai taught Goku some of his most iconic moves, such as the Kaio-Ken technique and the Spirit Bomb. Throughout the series, King Kai has provided useful advice for Goku, while also providing comedy relief during serious situations.

Though Schemmel seems enthusiastic about the idea of playing King Kai in a Dragon Ball movie, it may not happpen anytime soon. The first and only live-action movie based on the series, Dragon Ball Evolution, was a critical and commercial failure. It remains to be seen if the series creator, Akira Toriyama, will risk a second attempt at a Dragon Ball film.

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Source: Comic Book

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