Going deaf in movie theaters

Has anyone noticed that the sound level in movie theaters has steadily increased over the past few years? No, I'm not talking about obnoxious people sitting behind you... it's coming from the speakers.

This is especially true with the trailers before the movie starts, you have two choices: Go deaf, or cover your ears. I'm dead serious here, it's gotten to where at times it's downright painful.

Sure, movie explosions and music building to a crescendo have always been the louder parts of films... but lately the audio level has risen to the point where I sometimes find myself covering my ears!

What gives? Is this what happens when you put teenagers in control of the audio in the projection booth? Sure, I listened to my music so loud it blocked out the external world when I was 16, but to inflict that on a couple of hundred people is just not right.

Not everyone thinks the volume needs to be turned up to a "10", got it? I don't pay my money to sit in a chair and be subjected to super-loud audio interrogation techniques.

So movie theater managers (yeah, I realize you're teenagers too) get your highly trained staff to turn down the bloody volume!

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