'Godzilla' Viral Marketing Begins: New Website, Set Video & Images

Godzilla 1954

With Pacific Rim currently in theaters (read our review here), we now look to that other giant-monster movie on the horizon: Monsters director Gareth Edwards' upcoming reboot of Toho's Godzilla. As Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures ramps up publicity for it's Comic-Con panel this month (we've already seen early evidence of Godzilla's rampage in San Diego), a new viral website has gone live, along with a video and images from the set.

KITV news out of Honolulu reveals the first extended look at the set on Waikiki Beach (see the video above), revealing a whole lot of impressive damage. The filmmakers have promised a clear departure from the campy, much-maligned 1998 reboot attempt from White House Down director Roland Emmerich. The video offers zero information in the way of plot details, of course, but it's nice to see an appropriate location being utilized.

Comic Book Movie has also posted a series of set photos, along with a couple of Vine videos which showcase the epic destruction of what we can only presume is the aftermath of a giant, prehistoric lizard rampage. There are also several images of the various cast members, along with a couple of co-star Elizabeth Olsen.




Several images in particular stand out from the rest: two of them appear to be a makeshift series of shelters, with yellow hazard tape surrounding one of them, reading "HOT ZONE NO ENTRY" (while much of the set is cordoned off by yellow tape to prevent gawking, this one might be different - or it might not). These shelters could be temporary a temporary living zone for displaced survivors or some kind of village of a native population.

Godzilla 1954

One other image is worth noting among the rubble: an atom bomb atop a scaffolding. It's not clear what this image means or what its place is within the plot - could it be an allusion to the classic plot of the original? A flashback of some kind? We'll have to wait and see.

Finally, what to make of the viral Tumblr site Godzilla Encounter? The countdown to the movie's release next year begins with a series of fictional news stories about mysterious happenings in the Pacific Ocean. One story tracks some ominous rumblings off the coast of San Diego, and another is even more frightening - a Japanese vessel goes missing after a near collision with a "black iceberg," with the ship's captain transmitting one final report: "The iceberg... it saw us." Also, pay attention to the headlines of the encounters, as one letter each is printed in red, and may add up to a hidden message when enough reports have been posted.

With Pacific Rim underwhelming a bit at the box office this weekend, can we expect Gareth Edwards' approach to the granddaddy of all monster movies to be more successful? Time will tell, but keep your eyes on the waves.


Godzilla will be featured at Legendary’s 2013 Comic-Con panel. It roars into theaters May 16th, 2014.

Source: CBM

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