'Godzilla' TV Spot Shows Full Monster; Images Hint At Other Monsters

Godzilla (2014) Full Monster

Godzilla is not just the King of Monsters; he may just be the King of highly anticipated summer movies. Unlike the 1998 adaptation by Roland Emmerich, director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) has a vision of Godzilla that fans certainly seem to be in support of; namely, offering a big disaster movie event blockbuster featuring a monster that - from what we've seen - looks every bit the frightening force of destruction that one could hope for. What's not to like?

The marketing for the film has been admirable, with trailers offering restraint and intrigue instead of the usual overload of footage and sensory assault. The new TV spot above continues to smartly build the story arcs of the human cast (led by Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston and Avengers 2 stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen) - but we also get our best look yet at the monster!

...And just as a BONUS, we have some screenshots from the Godzilla footage released, which may confirm some of the other iconic monsters from the franchisef that could show up in the reboot.  Check out Godzilla and possible foes in the image gallery below:

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The word "Muto" refers to classic Godzilla lore, wherein the Mutos are mutated versions of "Kaiju", a.k.a. giant monsters. The measurement data on those monitors in the background add further intrigue to the choice of Easter egg terminology; could the Mutos in the film have man-made origins? The creature with multiple limbs was revealed in recent footage and images, but Muto 2, the flying beast, is something we predicted could be a version of classic Godzilla foes like Rodan, Varan or Destroyah.

The human story of Godzilla involves Bryan Cranston's character having encountered the monster years before in a tragic event - and how his obsession with it coincides with Godzilla being revealed to the world stage, and some other monsters he may either be leading or battling along the way. Meanwhile, Taylor-Johnson plays Cranston's soldier son, sent off to deal with the Godzilla situation; Olsen plays his wife, creating a human story about a loving couple basically trying to survive an apocalyptic event, and reconnect with one another. Sounds reasonable enough.



Godzilla will be in theaters on May 16, 2014.

Source: Legendary Pictures

Muto Images - Hat tip to Readers "Firen X" & "Joe Musso"


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