'Godzilla' Trailer Analysis with Gareth Edwards Reveals New Story Details

[NOTE: The following post (and video above) contain story details that could be considered minor SPOILERS for Godzilla]

When it was first announced that Monsters director Gareth Edwards would reboot Godzilla, reactions were mixed. Edwards was always an inspired choice to helm the film - given that he's a visual effects wizard who also managed to tell an emotional character story on a shoestring budget; yet, many fans (not to mention casual moviegoers) were still feeling the sting of Hollywood's last attempt at modernizing the iconic Japanese lizard for the American market.

Roland Emmerich's 1998 attempt failed to honor the source material, side-stepped many of the series' most enduring themes, and (worst of all) made it unclear how audiences should even feel about the Godzilla character: all she wanted to do was lay her eggs in the heart of New York City. Was that too much to ask? Fortunately, Edwards appears to have learned from Emmerich's mistakes, setting the stage for a major Godzilla comeback with an epic Comic-Con reveal, shrewd teaser, and gripping feature trailer. The pre-release marketing all point to an exciting and affecting movie experience - one that is also faithful to the original roots of the character.

The full length trailer was packed full of enticing easter eggs and potential connections to fan-favorite Godzilla lore - so many, in fact, that the director has now released a video break down of the trailer that offers new story details and behind-the-scenes insight (check it out above).

Reminder: The rest of this post will contain story details that could be considered minor SPOILERS for Godzilla (2014) - so if you do not want to know anything about what’s to come, turn away now. You have been WARNED!


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