Godzilla Suggests Ancient Humans Tried To Enslave The Titans

Godzilla King of the Monsters Jonah and Underwater City

The Godzilla: King of the Monsters credits reveal that, in ancient times, humans tried to enslave Titans, which adds new layers to what's already been said about the relationship between Man and Titans in the MonsterVerse. While the first two installments in Legendary's monster franchise suggested that humans only recently found out about Titans, it turns out that civilizations from thousands of years ago knew and tried to control them.

Since Godzilla: King of the Monsters ends immediately after Godzilla's victory over King Ghidorah, the movie doesn't get much of a chance to explore the aftermath of the battle, but the credits do provide plenty of answers regarding what comes next. The credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters is packed with newspaper clippings and article headlines that reveal how the world was affected by the rise of the Titans. For instance, it's discovered that Emma and Jonah's plan was a surprising success, Monarch has gone public with its information, and Godzilla has managed to rein in his new minions. The credits also include several teases of King Kong and a possible setup for Godzilla vs. Kong with the mention of new Titans headed to Skull Island.

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Interestingly enough, this isn't the extent of what the credits reveal about the MonsterVerse. As white text flashes across the screen, the words are instantly redacted, but if viewed carefully, the words reveal a detailed story about the relationship between humanity and Titans. It's stated that ancient humans formed symbiotic relationships with Titans, and after a while, they may have even developed a way of communicating telepathically with them, though it's not clear or how. Later, they tried to control the Titans and use them for their own purposes, similar to how Emma and Jonah tried to control the Titans in King of the Monsters.

The humans wanted to use the Titans as weapons of war, but over time, some Titans "rebelled against their human masters". This led to a war between Man and monster that destroyed their "advanced civilization". It's not made perfectly clear, but this place may be the underwater civilization from King of the Monsters.

This indicates that the relationship between humans and monsters was a lot more complicated than it was originally thought. What was gathered from Monarch's brief exploration into Hollow Earth and the ancient city within suggested that humans revered monsters and worshiped them as gods. Although this does appear to be true, it goes a lot deeper than that. Either this relationship devolved over time, or different cultures had other ideas about what to do with the Titans. Regardless, it seems that even then, humankind had malevolent intentions for the Titans.

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