'Godzilla' Roar Analysis: The King of Monsters' New Sound

Godzilla seems to be the one movie reboot getting universal love from fans - and not without good reason. The official teaser trailer managed to drum up more interest in the film than the entire barrage of Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage Sony keeps releasing; we were so impressed that we named Godzilla our most anticipated movie of 2014.

As this new vision of the kaiju monster movie cult-classic comes our way (courtesy of Monsters director Gareth Edwards), Legendary Pictures has done a very careful job of not giving away too much - including the details about the titular King of Monsters himself. We know he will be really, really, big (see here) and that he will retain classic details like his atomic breath and signature roar - the latter of which you can now hear for yourself!

That's right: thanks to Legendary Pictures we now have the new Godzilla roar to share!

For comparison, here are the Godzilla roars which preceded this one:

The version that Gareth Edwards and company came up with sounds like the more elongated (almost hilariously so?) sound of the monster from the 1984 film - with some late '90s/early 00's Godzilla thrown in for good measure. In short: the new roar could fairly be described as an homage mashup of the roars that came before it - which, if true, would be  a nice hat-tip from the filmmakers, saying that they both respect the source material and the hardcore fans (some of whom will definitely have discerning ears when it comes to this battle cry).

That kind of knowledge and devotion is what fans tend to hope for (okay, demand) from those re-imagining their favorite properties and characters - but let's let the official votes tell the tale of how fans feel about this new Godzilla roar:

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The studio is using this reveal to encourage fans to do what they do best: make fun and potentially viral self-styled web creations out of this official material. Here are the official details:

Hey Legendary fans,

We know you can’t wait for more Godzilla, and we’re excited to announce that the King of the Monster’s roar, in all its primal fury, has been unleashed!

Godzilla's mighty battle cry is now yours to share and we can’t wait to see what you can do with it. If you have a cool idea of how to turn this audio clip into a remix, homage video or anything else you can come up with, share your creation using #godzilla or tweet us at @legendary.

Do something truly creative/funny and your work could get some mass exposure as Godzilla nears theaters!

BONUS: Empire Magazine has a new cover spread featuring the King of Monsters - check out this throwback collector's edition, on newsstands soon:


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Godzilla will be in theaters on May 16, 2014.

Sources: Legendary & Empire

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