Official 'Godzilla' Concept Art Blazes at Comic-Con

Godzilla Reboot Gareth Edwards

The 2010 Comic-Con provided a lot of material for moviegoers, and geeks in general, to fawn over - including a first look at the creature design of Godzilla, the iconic nuclear-powered beast who will grace the big screen once again in 2012.

Legendary Pictures set up a booth at the convention that provided a fully immersive experience for attendees - complete with plumes of black smoke and a floor that shook in the wake of an animated Godzilla passing by. Consider it unlikely that a 3D version of the impending reboot will be as engaging.

Godzilla made his first appearance in theaters back in 1954.  The creature has endured over the years since and has been brought to life by an actor in a rubber suit throughout all but one of its cinematic incarnations - that exception being Roland  Emmerich's much-derided 1998 U.S. remake.

Now another modern day Godzilla is in the works and is scheduled to arrive in two years time.  A picture that claimed to show early conceptual art for the monster's new look surfaced a few months back (see below), though its legitimacy was never officially confirmed or denied.

Godzilla reboot movie 2012

The look of the creature in this photo bears a resemblance to the computer-generated Godzilla in the 1998 film, though the jaws are more narrows and its skin tone is overall darker and spikier in texture.  It could certainly look far more realistic in appearance than the classic monster suit - relatively speaking.

Does it match up with the Comic-Con image of the atomic fire-breathing beast?  The 2D artwork bears a resemblance to the head bust design, though that could just be a coincidence.  Godzilla's new look is still a work in progress but it is fun to speculate all the same.

Check out the Comi-Con artwork (via Coming Soon) below:

Godzilla comic-con movie reboot 2012

There is one thing moviegoers can count on - the human protagonist  that will stand in Godzilla's way in the reboot is not likely to be a worm scientist played by the star of a John Hughes pic from the 1980s. Especially not Anthony Michael Hall. ;)

Godzilla is tentatively scheduled to attack theaters next in 2012.

Source: Talking Dog Studios (via Coming Soon)

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