New 'Godzilla' Poster & Clear Monster Image

New Godzilla Poster and Clear Monster Image

Evidently, Warner Bros. and Legendary want to give their audience every opportunity to get as good a look at Godzilla as possible before the film releases. The giant lizard has been the focus of as much of the marketing this year, as he was purposefully left out of it last year.

After the newly redesigned monster was glimpsed in the Godzilla footage first screened at Comic-Con, there came a new poster, the first full length trailer, Godzilla's Empire magazine cover, an action figure, promos, and an extended trailer.

But what's a big summer movie promotional blitz without another poster (seen below) and a newly leaked image that offers a clear look at the King of Monsters from the shoulders up?

Check out the poster below:


Black and White Godzilla 2014 Poster

As for the leaked image, it was originally featured in Entertainment Weekly and can now be found over at Bloody Disgusting. Presumably, it comes from a moment in the trailer where Godzilla rises out of the water, causing a massive wave of water to almost take out a nearby bridge.




Quite honestly, we've seen so many looks at Godzilla it's hard to keep finding new things to discuss. In fact, it's surprising that no one seems concerned about over saturating the market, making Godzilla so accessible that some lose their drive to see the behemoth on the big screen.

Then again, it's hard to forget the absolute enormity of Godzilla that's been teased ever since the first trailer. Thinking back on scenes like the shot of Godzilla's back rising out of the ocean, or even the bridge sequence teased in that leaked still, it's obvious that this will be the largest onscreen incarnation of Godzilla ever.

And perhaps that's what Warner Bros. and Legendary are banking on when it comes to how present they're making Godzilla in the marketing. No matter how big and badass Godzilla looks in these posters, trailers, and leaked stills, it'll be even bigger and better on the big screen.

How are you feeling about the Godzilla reboot? Do you think we've been seeing too much? Or has every new look at the King of Monsters only made you more pumped for the movie? Sound off in the comments below!


Godzilla roars into theaters May 16th, 2014.

Sources: Official Godzilla Facebook, Bloody Disgusting

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