'Godzilla' UK Trailer: Some Secrets Are Too Big to Stay Hidden

Godzilla leaves a path of destruction behind him in the new UK trailer, starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Godzilla

Something very big is arriving in theaters this summer, and we're not just talking about its box office potential. Gareth Edwards' highly-anticipated reboot of the Godzilla franchise will feature a mutated lizard so enormous that it probably has several small moons orbiting it, and so tough that it eats nuclear bombs for breakfast (probably).

As evidenced in the new UK trailer for Godzilla (2014), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) plays Joe Brody, a scientist who is also something of a conspiracy theorist, seeking to uncover the truth about a "natural disaster" that ripped his family apart fifteen years prior. The story of the movie ranges not only all over the globe but also back in time as well, through the many attempts to cover up the existence of Godzilla. With a secret that big, however, there's only so long that it can remain hidden.

Godzilla also co-stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass 2) as Joe's son, Ford, who has recently finished a tour of duty and seems to be the main protagonist of the film's ensemble cast. Ken Watanabe plays Daisuke Serizawa, one of the few people who know about the origins of the monster. Oh, and did we mention that some other famous kaiju will also be making an appearance?

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Godzilla

Composer Alexander Desplat's chilling score sets a doom-laden underscore for the very apocalyptic tone of this trailer, which very much frames Godzilla as a kind of disaster movie. Imagine Deep Impact with a living, moving asteroid that's capable of getting very, very angry. Though considering the size of Godzilla, it's possible that he's barely even aware of the humans trying to take him down.

Could this be the movie that will launch a new Godzilla franchise? Will it at least manage to outperform last year's kaiju movie, Pacific Rim? Tell us what you think of this latest trailer in the comments.


Godzilla stomps into theaters on May 16, 2014.

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