'Godzilla' Gets a Japanese Trailer, TV Spot and IMAX Poster

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When Roland Emmerich rebooted classic Japanese kaiju movie Godzilla as a big-budget American disaster movie in 1998, one of the taglines used on posters was "Size Does Matter." If that's true, then the Godzilla of Gareth Edwards' upcoming reboot has a lot to be confident about, since he's so enormous that he more closely resembles a moving mountain then a mutated lizard.

Like others before it, the new Japanese trailer for Godzilla is tonally a lot closer to a horror movie than an action movie. Opening with Bryan Cranston's character, Joe Brody, giving an enraged monologue about the so-called "natural disaster" that tore his family apart, the trailer couples scenes of escalating destruction with Alexandre Desplat's chilling score.

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have also released a new TV spot for Japanese audiences, which is essentially an abridged version of the trailer with slightly different music.

Godzilla's Japanese heritage extends far beyond international trailers, however. From what's been shown so far, it seems clear that every effort is being made to pay tribute to the origins of the franchise. Take, for example, the new IMAX poster for Godzilla, which gives a pretty clear look at the creature silhouetted against the white and red of the Japanese flag. You have to admire the soldiers down below who are optimistically pointing their guns at Godzilla, but if nuclear bombs couldn't take him out then they'll probably need more than a few bullets.


IMAX poster for Godzilla

Godzilla is enough of a problem by himself - he can't even sneeze without destroying a building or two - but there's more than just one giant monster to worry about in this reboot. Tie-in toys for the movie recently unveiled Godzilla's new enemy: a black and red beast with wings(?) and... hooked appendages. We'll have to see it in action before we can figure out how all those limbs actually work.

If Godzilla and his buddy don't end up tearing each other to pieces, we might be better off cutting our losses and leaving Earth to be taken over by giant monsters. Maybe we could move to Mars and make a fresh start.


Godzilla is out in theaters on May 16, 2014.

Source: Warner Bros. &  Legendary Pictures (via Latino-Review)

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