Godzilla Theory: The MonsterVerse Has An 18th Titan (& It's A Scorpion)

Godzilla King of the Monsters Titan Scorpion

A cleverly-hidden detail in the credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters suggests that the MonsterVerse is hiding a secret 18th Titan, and it may be a giant scorpion. It was revealed during the movie that 17 Titans exist somewhere on the planet. The actions of the eco-terrorists in the movie caused several of Titans to be unearthed, but there are still quite a few who have yet to appear on the big screen, and there may be even more that Monarch doesn't even know about.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters puts the focus on four classic Toho monsters: Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Rodan, and Mothra. However, there are other Titans who emerge as a result of the events in the film. King Ghidorah's call wakes up all the sleeping Titans, and many are shown on-screen, including King Kong and a handful of original Titans, such as a third M.U.T.O, Behemoth, Scylla, and Methuselah. These new Titans follow Rodan's lead and bow down to Godzilla after he defeats King Ghidorah.

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The credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters drop a number of reveals about the aftermath of Godzilla's fight with Ghidorah with newspaper clippings and article headlines. Also included in the credits are several lines of redacted text, which if viewed carefully tell a detailed story about the history of Titans and their relationship with humanity. At the end of the story, is a set of coordinates (37.21870, 38.855563). Curiously, the coordinates point to a location in Turkey. There are Monarch outposts set up all over the planet where the 17 Titans are supposedly located, and none of them are anywhere near Turkey. This means that these coordinates are connected to something new.

Godzilla fights Ghidorah on Godzilla 2 Chinese Poster

Specifically, they point to Gobekli Tepe, an important archaeological discovery in Turkey. Believed by many to be the world's oldest temple, Gobekli Tepe was built 12,000 years ago. A fan pointed this out to Godzilla: King of the Monsters director Mike Dougherty on Twitter with an image of a scorpion carving on a pillar. The idea was that the scorpion depicted on the temple of Gobekli Tepe was the secret Titan.

Dougherty didn't necessarily confirm that the scorpion is the mysterious monster, but Dougherty's response does suggest that the coordinates are indeed linked to Gobekli Tepe. Whether this is a scorpion or something else entirely, it does appear that more Titans are lurking in the MonsterVerse. It remains to be seen if more -- including the creature in Turkey -- will show themselves in Godzilla vs. Kong.

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