Netflix's Animated Godzilla: Monster Planet Gets a Teaser

A new Japanese teaser has arrived for the upcoming Godzilla: Monster Planet animated movie that will premiere on Netflix later this year. There's never really been a time in pop culture that Godzilla has been absent from the zeitgeist. From his birth amid fears surrounding nuclear war to the resurgence of giant monsters in mainstream media, Godzilla has ben adapted to a number of different mediums. With 2014's Godzilla, the character reentered American cinemas and helped kick off the MonsterVerse for Legendary Pictures. And while the film's sequel and showdown with Kong are both a ways off, this year will see the King of Monsters return in a new narrative.

After word broke last year that a new Godzilla anime was on its ways to Japan, we learned it would be picked up by Netflix following its debut. Though a release date hasn't been confirmed, Godzilla: Monster Planet is expected to arrive on the streaming service later this year. A few months back, we got our first concept art, poster, and synopsis for the new movie. Now, we have our first look at the action and a tease of the new Godzilla.

Toho have debuted a new teaser trailer for Godzilla: Monster Planet teasing the plot of the film and the arrival of the titular kaiju. While we don't see much, it's likely a full trailer will arrive shortly.

Though not much can be gleamed from the teaser, we do get a glimpse of the more classic version of Godzilla and see the film's protagonist Haruo. An orphan thanks to the monster, Haruo is part of a group of refugees who flee Earth after decades of war with kaijus leave the planet devastated. Twenty years later, Haruo joins a team who head back to Earth to get revenge and take back their planet. Unfortunately, they get lost in hyperspace and emerge 20,000 years in the future to find Godzilla ruling over a planet populated by massive beasts.

The new film will take a different approach to the Godzilla story, adding in more action and sci-fi flavor. It also looks like it will feature a style of animation similar to cell shading, giving the film a unique look. Hopefully, word will emerge soon about the Netflix premiere date for the movie and a more comprehensive trailer will come with it. Until then, stay tuned for more news regarding Godzilla: Monster Planet.

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Source: Toho

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