Godzilla Gets Some Trippy Neon 65th Anniversary Merch From Mondo

Mondo monster fans can celebrate the 65th anniversary of Godzilla, king of the monsters, with some awesome, trippy new apparel.

Mondo monster fans can celebrate the 65th anniversary of Godzilla, king of the monsters, with some awesome new apparel. Mondo is an Austin-based company owned by the Alamo Drafthouse; the company has earned a reputation for creating incredible limited-edition movie posters, apparel, and merchandise that's tailor-made for film and pop-culture nerds. In recent years, Mondo has moved beyond classic films to partner with companies like Disney, Warner Bros., DC, and HBO. For instance, Mondo recently partnered with Marvel to create artwork celebrating the history of the MCU.

Now, Mondo has set its sights on Godzilla, the iconic Japanese monster that has recently seen a big-screen revival in the United States. Godzilla has appeared in dozens of movies, anime, and comics over the decades, but the titanic monster's most recent movie, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, struggled to impress audiences at the box office. Despite this, Godzilla is set to return for a showdown with another famous movie monster in Godzilla Vs. Kong. Of course, for many Godzilla fans, no modern adaptation will ever compare to the original Japanese films, which combined kaiju fights with social commentary.

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In a press release, Whalen writes that she is often asked at fan events which franchise she most wants to work with next, and her answer is always the same: Toho and the world of Godzilla. Not all of Godzilla's movies have been received well, by critics and audiences, but Godzilla remains a towering pop-culture icon. Even after 65 years, the monster's influence only continues to grow. Previously, Mondo has created posters and artwork celebrating cult movies, which makes Godzilla the perfect collaboration for the merchandise company.

Audiences can thank Godzilla for the modern kaiju and monster movie genre, which owe a major debt to the king of the monsters. Early Godzilla movies featured cheesy practical effects, but modern-day Godzilla movies are blockbusters with the most advanced special effects. Mondo has a reputation for creating unique products for film nerds, and Godzilla fans would be wise to check out the company's newest monster merchandise.

The Mondo-Toho Godzilla apparel line will be released on November 14 at the Mondo Tees website.

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Source: Mondo Tees

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