Godzilla Joins Instagram & Twitter For The First Time

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Godzilla, the famed King of the Monsters, has officially joined Twitter and Instagram. Godzilla has been enjoying a massive resurgence in recent years. A new Hollywood movie was released in May, and will be followed by Godzilla vs. Kong in March 2020. The monster will also have his own panel at Comic-Con this week.

It's certainly a good time to be a Godzilla fan. Collectibles are being released, there are new movies, and TOHO itself has been making greater strides to be connected with fans outside Japan. The studio recently launched the first English website dedicated to Godzilla. There will be exclusive items at Comic-Con this week, including a 65th anniversary figure. In addition to the figure, an actual Godzilla suit will be on display, along with movie props. Godzilla is the longest running film series to date, and continues to bring wonder and amazement to viewers. From serious allegories, to fun romps against other giant creatures, the Godzilla series has plenty of content for everyone. To take the next step, Godzilla has joined social media.

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TOHO has launched the official Twitter and Instagram accounts for Godzilla. Fans can expect to hear news about the franchise straight from Godzilla's social media. No major posts have been added, aside from a banner featuring different Godzillas from throughout the monster's 65 year career.

The banner features Godzilla from the four different eras: Showa, Heisei, Millennium, and current. Although it's missing some incarnations, the banner does a good job showing how Godzilla has changed from 1954 to 2019. It even embraces the goofier side of the series, with the famous dance from Invasion of Astro-Monster/Godzilla vs. Monster Zero represented. Both accounts have over 2,900 followers, and the numbers will likely grow much larger as time goes on.

TOHO wouldn't be doing all this if it didn't have big plans for the series. In fact, the studio did say it wants to make its own Godzilla cinematic universe. For the Japanese movies to do well outside their home country, a presence is required. With a dedicated website, an appearance at Comic-Con, and now social media, Godzilla is more prevalent than ever. Godzilla vs. Kong will hopefully do well enough for Legendary to continue its MonsterVerse series. If not, it looks like fans still have a lot to look forward to from the world's most endearing monster. In the next 10 years, it's quite possible we'll be seeing a bunch of new Godzilla movies straight out of Japan.

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Source: TOHO_Godzilla/Twitter, Godzilla.Official/Instagram

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