'Godzilla' Reboot and 'Asteroids' Movie Snag New Writers

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Two high-profile sci-fi projects have landed new writing talent: Legendary Pictures' Godzilla franchise revamp, which will be helmed by Gareth Edwards - and Asteroids, an adaptation of the classic Atari arcade game that (despite previous rumors to the contrary) will not be directed by Roland Emmerich.

David S. Goyer's earlier draft of the Godzilla screenplay will be getting a rework by a little-known, but increasingly-popular, scriber. A writer whose career is (likewise) on the up-and-up is going to be taking on the Asteroids movie.

Heat Vision says that Max Borenstein has been hired on to refine Goyer's script for Godzilla, which will attempt to not follow in the footsteps of Emmerich's woebegone 1998 Godzilla movie - and instead, successfully return the titanic lizard to his historical roots, while also updating him for the new century. Producer Brian Rogers says the reboot will also (probably) see Godzilla battle another monstrous opponent, rather than just the U.S. army.

Borenstein previously worked on Legendary's in-development Jimi Hendrix biopic (titled Jimi) and rewrote the studio's upcoming supernatural fantasy novel adaptation, The Seventh Son. It would seem the little-known film artist's work on those two projects impressed studio heads enough to land him the Godzilla co-scripting job.

Evan Spiliotopoulos also (seemingly) continues to impress executives with his writing on upcoming projects, which includes Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman, McG's Ouija board game adaptation, and an earlier draft of Wanted 2. Spiliotopoulos also recently landed more work after being brought onboard to pen the Charles Fort comic book adaptation for producer Robert Zemeckis - and now, according to Heat Vision (again), the man is set to pen the Asteroids movie.

Asteroids will reportedly feature a storyline that revolves around "two estranged brothers that must team up to save Earth from an alien race." The game adaptation is being produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura (the Transformers series) and sounds like it will mix big-budget effects spectacle with "human drama" in a manner similar to that of Bonaventura's giant robot franchise (for better or for worse).

That said: the project is still yet another step up for Spiliotopoulos, who previously made a living penning direct-to-video animated sequels for Disney (ex. Tarzan II, The Jungle Book 2, The Lion King 1 1/2, etc.).

Both Godzilla and Asteroids look to benefit from their (respective) new writing blood. Goyer's best screenplays tend to be the ones that feature contributions from at least one other writer and Spiliotopoulos, by comparison, has demonstrated a solid appreciation of the three-act structure in his scripts for Disney... and now, he's starting to work with more legitimately promising subject matter.

Edwards managed to bring giant CGI creatures to (engaging and convincing) life in his cheap breakout directorial effort, Monsters - so, hopefully, he should accomplish that task with equal success in the larger-budgeted Godzilla reboot. Asteroids, as it were, is apparently still on the lookout for a director...


We will continue to keep you posted on the status of both the Godzilla reboot and Asteroids adaptation as more information concerning each project is released.

Source: THR (link 1) (link 2)

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