'Godzilla' TV Spots: It Cannot be Stopped

It's hard to hate the eponymous mutated giant lizard of Gareth Edwards' upcoming Godzilla reboot. After all, when human beings are relatively the size of ants it's probably easy to miss the fact that they're being crushed underfoot or their homes are being destroyed. But even if we can't hate the big lug there are plenty of reasons to be afraid of him (or her, in the Roland Emmerich version).

One such reason, just to get things started, is that the trailers have showcased a Godzilla that's larger than any of the previous incarnations. He's so huge, in fact, that a series of nuclear missile strikes designed to take him out failed to do, and with a force so enormous and destructive it's little wonder that the latest set of Godzilla TV spots have a distinctly apocalyptic feel.

Look past the enormous rampaging monster and it seems clear that Godzilla will have quite a human heart to it, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson playing Lieutenant Ford Brody, a soldier who is thrown in over in his head when tasked with going up against the creature, and Elizabeth Olsen playing his wife. In many ways the focus on a military protagonist gives these new TV spots a war movie tone, though it's definitely a strange kind of war.

The final video is a US version of the international TV spot that was released earlier this week, warning that Godzilla won't be taken out easily. That's certainly true in the sense that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are no doubt hoping to get a full franchise out of this property rather than just a single standalone movie. With Godzilla having been built up so much in the trailers and teasers, it's getting hard to imagine the creature ever going down permanently.

The final TV spot also contains a nice visual representation of the hype train for this movie: it is on fire, and it can't be stopped.


Godzilla is out in theaters on May 16, 2014.

Source: Warner Bros.

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