New 'Godzilla' Trailer: The Monster Reawakens

The King of Monsters returns to the big screen in the 'Godzilla' reboot. Watch the full-length trailer, which is now online!

Godzilla Teaser Poster 2 Header

Filmmaker/special effects guru Gareth Edwards broke out with his (very) low-budget post-alien invasion drama Monsters, but he looks to make a much, much larger splash in the Hollywood pond with his upcoming reboot of the Godzilla franchise - a project that fans of the King of Monsters have been buzzing about for the past two years, going back to the conceptual teaser that Edwards premiered back at the 2012 International Comic-Con (to rapturous applause from Con attendees in Hall H).

Few explicit details have been revealed about the Godzilla (2014) story, which is officially credited to Dave Callaham (Doom, The Expendables) and was scripted by Max Borenstein (Seventh Son), possibly featuring some uncredited revisions by Frank Darabont (creator of The Walking Dead TV series). However, based on Edwards' suggestions that this film is a proper retelling/modernization of the 1954 nature-gone-wrong movie that started it all, it's safe to assume that the plot has certain humans - soldiers, scientists, etc. - attempting to stop the eponymous giant monster, while others (see: Elizabeth Olsen's character) are just doing their best to survive the destructive fallout.

We got a taste of that in the teaser trailer, which shows Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Olsen's husband in the film and her future Avengers: Age of Ultron costar) and his fellow men in uniform jumping from a plane into the war zone that is a city under attack by Godzilla, along with clips of various other people scrambling to stay alive and/or uncover the truth about this unfathomable force of nature.

A newly-unveiled full-length trailer (which you can watch above) goes a bit deeper in detail, revealing more about the characters in this world - like Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), who's determined to learn the truth about what's happening, and Ken Watanabe (Inception) as an official who knows all too well about the secret history of Godzilla - as well as the newfound threat(s) that they must face.

In case you missed it last week, here is the new official Godzilla poster:


This new trailer does a nice job of summarizing the central terrifying concept to be re-explored in the Godzilla reboot - that it's mother nature, not humanity, that is the boss of our world - while also illustrating how Edwards is honoring the original Godzilla movie both thematically and in a meta-sense within the text of his film (i.e. with references to previous attempts to destroy the titular creature in 1954).

Between that, the ominous atmosphere and foreboding imagery teased here, this latest bit of footage once again reaffirms that our pick of Godzilla as our most anticipated release of 2014 was not ill-advised. Indeed, Edwards' film look as though it could very well fulfill our current high expectations - and maybe then some.


Godzilla opens in U.S. theaters on May 16th, 2014.

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