'Godzilla' Score to be Composed by Alexandre Desplat

Alexandre Desplat composing 'Rise of the Guardians'

Godzilla will be stomping into theaters at the start of next year's summer movie season, and so far we've already been given a number of very good reasons to be there when he (or she) arrives. Directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters), the movie will star Breaking Bad's breakout success Bryan Cranston as a scientist, along with soon-to-be Scarlett Witch Elizabeth Olsen and Kick-Ass lead Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Screen Rant got a first look at Godzilla during the Legendary Pictures panel at this year's Comic-Con, with a trailer that promised scenes of Godzilla battling other monsters in a film with a slightly darker tone than Legendary's other big monster movie release, Pacific Rim. Filming on the project had finished only two days previously, and Godzilla is now in the early post-production stages.

Perhaps one of the most crucial stages to come (besides visual effects) is the composition of the score for Godzilla, and we now have a little extra insight into this aspect of the movie as ComingSoon reports that Alexandre Desplat (Moonrise Kingdom) has been tapped to provide the musical background to the classic kaiju's destructive rampage.

Desplat has been nominated for an Academy Award for best score five times - for Fantastic Mr. Fox, The King's Speech, Argo, The Queen and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - and also composed the music for upcoming movies The Monuments Men and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Godzilla probably won't be the movie to finally win Desplat an Oscar, given the Academy's snootiness towards genre films or blockbusters, but it's certainly exciting for Godzilla fans to have such a talented composer providing the soundtrack for one of 2014's most highly-anticipated movies.

Godzilla Reboot Creature Design

This is certainly an interesting choice, since Desplat is best known for his work on smaller dramas and independent films, and the closest he has come to an action-heavy film like Godzilla is perhaps his work on family movies like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and The Golden Compass. Since Desplat is largely untested in this particular genre, we'll have to wait and see whether he'll go for a noisy Pacific Rim style action soundtrack with electric guitars, or whether he'll take a quieter and more somber approach.

Based on the director, the composer and the assorted writing talents that have been engaged for the Godzilla reboot (including David S. Goyer during the story's inception and Frank Darabont in the later script revisions), tell us what kind of tone you're expecting the movie to take, and if you think the right people are involved to make Godzilla work.


Godzilla is out in US theaters on May 16th, 2014.

Source: ComingSoon

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