New 'Godzilla' Posters and Images: Something Giant This Way Comes [Updated]

The latest 'Godzilla' images show the film's human players, while a new poster offers yet another tease of the iconic Kaiju.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Godzilla

Marketing for Warner Bros. and Legendary's Godzilla reboot has intensified over the past month, yet even with the uptick in publicity there's still an aura of mystery around the project. That's because trailers and promotional material for Gareth Edwards' take on the Alpha Dog of Kaiju (read: giant monster) have been aiming to intrigue the public, as opposed to revealing many of the film's biggest (and baddest) sets pieces and instances of spectacle - like many blockbusters campaigns do nowadays - in the hopes of attracting a larger audience.

Tie-in merchandise for Edwards' project have "revealed" the eponymous giant lizard's physical appearance in full, though we have (thankfully) yet to get a complete and proper look at the big guy in actual footage released from the film. Similarly, the Godzilla (2014) poster campaign has revolved around a single unifying concept, teasing what happens the creature makes his way downtown though some as-yet unidentified U.S. major cityscape - without giving away too much at once, that is.

That holds true for the latest one-sheet unveiled by Legendary - which, as you will note below, is pretty eye-catching, despite being a direct revamping of a previously-unveiled teaser poster (click the link for the comparative image).

UPDATE: Another poster for the film - which, similar to a previously-released Godzilla one-sheeet, shows the Big Guy from the back - has dropped online, and can also be viewed below:


Godzilla (2014) Poster

Godzilla Movie (2014) Poster

Human players in the Godzilla script - credited to Max Borenstein (Seventh Son) - include Breaking Bad alum Bryan Cranston as a scientist, whose family was torn apart years before the film picks up - due to an incident that apparently had to do with the a certain Kaiju. Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass 2) plays Cranston's son, a member of the military who's called back into action when Godzilla reawakens from its nap - or, rather, whatever the creature's been doing for the past decade or so.

In a weird twist, Johnson's wife in Godzilla is played by Elizabeth Olsen - who's also portraying the sister of Johnson's Quicksilver (i.e. Scarlet Witch) in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. Collider has posted new, non-spoilery images of all three of the aforementioned cast members in Edwards' movie, along with a behind the scenes pic  that shows the director guiding costar Ken Watanabe (who plays a scientist with knowledge of Godzilla's history) through a scene that presumably involves one or more Kaiju. Or maybe just a lot of steam.

You can peruse through those images below:


Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Godzilla

Elizabeth Olsen in Godzilla

Bryan Cranston in Godzilla

Ken Watanabe and Gareth Edwards Filming Godzilla

Admittedly, there's not a whole lot on display here to get excited about. However, as mentioned before, many fans have voiced their appreciation of how the Godzilla marketing team have managed to get them interested without just showing things that feel like they should've been saved for the actual movie - and frankly, there's no reason to stop doing that now, considering how successful that strategy has already proven to be.

Indeed, with the promise of impressive giant monster city-wrecking havoc - plus human story elements that aren't merely window dressing to the main special effects attraction - it's fair to say: we don't really need to see anything else, to convince us to give this new Godzilla a shot.


Godzilla opens in U.S. theaters on May 16th, 2014.

Source: Legendary, Collider

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