Godzilla 2's Other Monsters Teased By Monarch Website

9. Cairo outpost - Sphinx or Norzzug

It's possible, though perhaps unlikely, that Monarch could be studying the Sphinx of Giza in Cairo or just outside of the city near the iconic pyramids. In the 2007 Godzilla video game, one of the three creatures that were born out of the crystal invasion was the Sphinx. It was a version of the iconic statue in Egypt that came alive with the ability to shoot missiles. Legendary may not be interested in adapting these types of monsters just yet, but there's plenty to study in Egypt, so it makes sense that Monarch would have at least one outpost there. If it's not the Sphinx, then the other likely option is Norzzug, which is a sphinx-like creature (pictured above).

8. Sudan outpost - Titanosaurus

Another outpost in Africa appears to be located around Khartoum in Sudan, along the Nile river. For this location, it's possible that Monarch could be studying cave paintings from ancient civilizations, but about which monster? Our best guess: Titanosaurus - a relatively peaceful kaiju that typically lives deep in the Pacific Ocean. Sure, it's an aquatic creature and Sudan is located inland and far from where Titanosaurus would usually be found, but the outpost being so close to the Nile may be a basis for Titanosaurus existing in that area. After all, there were dinosaurs that inhabited that the region during the Cretaceous period.

7. Germany outpost - Ingolstadt/Dr. Frankenstein

bride of frankenstein

There are several options for what Monarch's outpost in Germany could be, but rather than be another monster, it's possible that it's merely a reference and Easter egg to an iconic fictional character from Germany as well as the country's unique relationship with kaiju movies. It looks like the Monarch outpost in Germany is located in Ingolstadt, the city in which Dr. Frankstein had created his monster. What's interesting is that many kaiju movies are marketed in Germany as if the monsters had been created by Viktor Frankenstein. So, 1972's Godzilla vs Gigan released in Germany as Frankenstein's Hell Brood. Perhaps this particular outstation is what remains of Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory.

6. Pacific Ocean outpost - Skull Island

Aside from the three outposts that have already been revealed - for Godzilla 2's three new monsters: Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah - the one outpost that is easily identifiable is Skull Island. It's located in the southern region of the Pacific Ocean, and the reason we know that is because Warner Bros. had partnered with Google in 2017 to promote the movie Kong: Skull Island, and part of that promotion included revealing where the mysterious island was located on Google Maps. As it turns out, the island's location coincides with the location of Monarch's outpost in the Pacific. That itself makes sense since Houston Brooks' son, Aaron, had traveled back to Skull Island when he joined Monarch, probably to set up a research center to study the island's native creatures.

5. Colombia outpost - Gorosaurus

In 2015, it was reported that a skull belonging to a brachiosaurid sauropods had been discovered in Colombia, thus marking the first time that a fossil of that caliber was unearthed in the region. What if, instead of that particular dinosaur fossil being found, someone came across a fossil for Gorosaurus - or even the real thing itself - which in turn drew Monarch to the site. After all, there's no particular reason that Monarch would have an outpost in that area since they have one in Peru most likely studying the Nazca lines, but having a research facility uncovering fossils similar to the one found a few years ago is certainly plausible.

4. Arizona outpost - M.U.T.O.

It's difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the Monarch outpost in the southwest region of the United States, but it appears to be somewhere in Arizona. Since the nuclear waste facility where the second M.U.T.O. hatched in 2014's Godzilla movie was in Nevada, the station in Arizona may be there for a different reason. However, based on what has happened in the MonsterVerse so far, it's fair to say that the Monarch outpost in Arizona is either there for monitoring what remains of the two M.U.T.O.s or is simply a research facility. There really isn't any one monster that fits the bill for this location.

3. Alabama/Georgia outpost - Monarch HQ

Unlike with Arizona and Wyoming, there's no real reason for there to be an outpost in Alabama or Georgia, seeing as there's no evidence for a monster to exist in that region. However, it's possible that Monarch could be headquartered in Atlanta, GA, much like the Centers for Disease Control in the real world. Although the organization was created by U.S. President Truman, it's technically an unofficial unit of the government, so it doesn't have to be located in the Washington, D.C. area.

2. Morocco outpost - King Caesar

Due to decades of hunting, the Barbary lions are regionally extinct in North Africa. The subspecies are generally considered to be larger than most other lions, and because of that, we believe that Monarch's outpost in Morocco may be there researching a myth of what could possibly be the largest lion to have ever lived on the planet: King Caesar - a kaiju that is said to protect villagers from a dragon. There's no reason that King Caesar's story can't be altered to fit Morocco's culture. Of course, in this version, the monster would have to be more like a lion than a dog (or better yet, just full lion).

1. Thailand/Cambodia outpost - Gigan

Gigan Godzilla Toho

It appears that Monarch has an outpost on what appears to be the border of Cambodia and Thailand, which is quite close to the Temple of the Moth in China. Although there's nothing there that relates to any monster specifically, one kaiju that fans would undoubtedly love to see on the big screen is Gigan. It's possible that Legendary is taking a different approach with Gigan, as well as various other monsters, and placing him in the general vicinity of Mothra - one of its enemies, along with Godzilla - would certainly be interesting.

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