Godzilla 2's Other Monsters Teased By Monarch Website

Warner Bros. recently launched a viral website for Godzilla: King of the Monsters that not only sheds some light on the three new kaiju in the movie but also potentially various other creatures that have yet to officially join the MonsterVerse. Leading up to the release of Godzilla 2's first trailer at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 and the kickoff for the sequel's marketing campaign, the studio got the viral marketing portion going a few days before by creating a website for Monarch - the organization responsible for researching the movie universe's monsters, including Kong and Godzilla.

What's interesting is that director Michael Dougherty said there are more monsters out there that haven't been revealed yet, and it's possible that all - if not most of - the classified outposts found on the Monarch Sciences website allude to those additional kaiju. There are currently 20 outposts on the interactive map, of which three have been revealed to be for Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah - the three monsters confirmed to appear in Godzilla 2 - but by looking into Monarch's past, as well as the real-life history of the world, we can deduce what those other monsters (and locations) may be.

17. Japan outpost - Janjira Nuclear Power Plant

The 2014 Godzilla movie starts off with the destruction of the nuclear power plant in Janjira, Japan (a fictional city near Tokyo created for Legendary's MonsterVerse), in which the male M.U.T.O. - just one of two hatched M.U.T.O.s - burrowed himself underneath the power plant, absorbing all of its nuclear energy in order to grow and become stronger. Considering that Monarch established an outpost there in the movie, it makes sense that that would be the same outpost shown on the Monarch Sciences website. Plus, it's placed around the same area that Janjira is supposed to be located.

16. Siberia outpost - 1959 Siberian Mystery

A few months after Kong: Skull Island released in theaters, the movie's marketing team released a video breaking down the timeline of the MonsterVerse, notably Monarch's history. One of the things that stood out was the Siberian Mystery incident in 1959. According to the timeline video, a Russian spy plane during the height of the Cold War spotted a Monarch facility that had been established around a giant ice cap in Siberia, presumably studying and/or searching for some sort of monster. Considering one location is in Siberia, it's possible it's the same outpost that was discovered way back in 1959, which itself may have been established to look into the real-life mystery of nine skiers who disappeared in Siberia in 1959.

15. Scotland outpost - Nessie or Manda

Considering that Scotland is home to one of the most famous mythical monsters in modern history - the Loch Ness Monster - it would make sense that the Monarch station in that country would be studying Nessie, the kaiju version of the monster, which first appeared in Godzilla: The Series. The animated TV show was a sequel to the oft-maligned 1998 Godzilla film from TriStar Pictures, but that doesn't mean everything from that corner of the Godzilla franchise needs to be completely forgotten. But if Legendary doesn't want to go the route of Nessie, then it's possible that the monster in that area could be Manda, another dragon-type water monster. Since that kaiju comes from the old Toho films, it seems to be a more likely option for the MonsterVerse.

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14. Yellowstone outpost - Obsidius or Rodan

One of the three Monarch Outposts in the contiguous United States appears to be located in the state of Wyoming, which makes Yellowstone National Park a prime candidate. It's an ideal location for a monster to hide in, but what makes it an interesting location is the fact that it has the largest supervolcano in North America. The Yellowstone Caldera is an active volcano located underneath Yellowstone Lake - a perfect place for a volcanic kaiju to remain dormant, and a place that Monarch could set up shop that monster. One possible monster could be Obsidius, who first appeared in the 2007 video game Godzilla: Unleashed. If not Obsidius, then it could have something to do with Rodan.

13. Bermuda triangle - Hedorah

Hedorah the smog monster Godzilla Toho

The Bermuda triangle is one of the world's biggest fascinations and mysteries due to the number of airplanes and boats that have gone missing in the area. Perhaps that could be because the region is yet another hollow earth point? Skull Island was one entry point, which Monarch discovered by dropping bombs on the island, thereby awakening the beasts that live beneath the surface. If monsters do live inside the Earth, then it's certainly plausible that there would be multiple hollow entry points on the planet, including one in the Atlantic Ocean. There could be any number of monsters lurking down there.

12. Peru outpost - Nazca Lines/Mothra

Mothra in Godzilla 2

In the MonsterVerse, Mothra is known as the Queen of the Monsters, and her name has appeared in various cultures throughout human history. Right now, it appears she may be located at the Temple of the Moth in China, but according to her Monarch profile, there are Nazca lines that allude to her existence as well. The Nazca lines are in Peru - in the real world - and there's a Monarch outpost there as well. The logical conclusion here is that Monarch established a station in that area to study the geoglyphs in order to learn more about Mothra and her history on the planet.

11. Australian outpost - Shinomura

A lot has changed since the Godzilla: Awakening prequel graphic novel came out, so it's unclear if it can still be considered canon, but on the chance that it can, a monster audiences have yet to see on screen in the MonsterVerse is Shinomura. In the novel, eye-witness reports indicated that a creature matching Godzilla's likeness had constantly driven away Shinomura - a colony of smaller creatures that unite to form one gigantic, radioactive airborne monster - for several years.

The monster, which was originally known as M.U.T.O. but later renamed Shinomura by Dr. Serizawa's father, died in a nuclear blast in 1954 (the same nuclear test that is shown in 2014's Godzilla). Since it's never revealed what exactly happened to Shinomura's remains, it's possible that Monarch has kept the kaiju colony in their facility in Australia.

10. Jordan outpost - Petra Paintings

It has already been established in Kong: Skull Island and then again in the trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters that ancient civilizations had drawn cave paintings for monsters. Some of them were for Godzilla and Kong, but it's possible that there were other monsters as well, which could be found in archaeological sites around the world, such as Petra. There's a Monarch outpost in what appears to be Jordan, which would make sense if the organization were examining Petra.

It's certainly possible, in-universe that is, that some of the Nabataean art from the Hellenistic era were actually of monsters like Godzilla and, maybe... Anguiras, a scaled creature that resembles a giant bearded dragon. What's interesting is that it was the very first monster that Godzilla fought in 1955, so it makes sense that Legendary would want to introduce it at some point in the MonsterVerse.

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